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Raid: Shadow Legends: Best Support Heroes In The Game

Raid: Shadow Legends: Best Support Heroes In The Game
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In today’s article we are going to reveal to you the Raid: Shadow Legends best Support heroes in the game. Since there are multiple rarities of heroes, we are going to cover all of them so that you will still have a strong pick even if it’s only a Rare hero and not a Legendary one.

Like we mentioned in our Raid: Shadow Legends best Attackers article, you shouldn’t just start upgrading heroes as soon as you get them, because if you are not 100% sure they are good and worth keeping, then it’s going to be a waste.

And before you ask, yes, even Rare heroes can be super strong and potentially defeat even Legendary ones! If a Rare hero is well itemized and upgraded, then it can be as strong as a Legendary one, or even more! 

So let us reveal to you our Raid: Shadow Legends best Support heroes to help you carry out your team to victory in every single fight!

Raid: Shadow Legends Best Supports – Common Rarity

Like in the article mentioned before, the Common Rarity Support heroes aren’t really worth keeping. Not only are they super easy to get (the Common heroes, generally) but aren’t really worth anything, even if you upgrade them (which you shouldn’t do, because it’s a waste).

What you can do is save the Common ones and feed them to the strong heroes. Using them to upgrade other heroes it’s going to be a way better than upgrading them, so just save them and the Uncommon ones for good hero enhancements.

Raid: Shadow Legends Best Supports – Uncommon Rarity

Very much like the Common ones, these aren’t all that great in terms of good supporting skills. I can’t really tell you not to use them, since it’s your choice, but I personally wouldn’t bother with them. 

The only one slightly worth mentioning is Commander, for the heal and stun chance, but other than that I can’t really recommend any. All I can say about them is to use them for a good hero as boosting material. 

Raid: Shadow Legends Best Supports – Rare Rarity

Now there are some heroes that can be quite good even if they are Rare. I personally use a Rare Support, and can say that she’s doing way better than my Rare Attacker because of the crazy amount of HP and generally very good stats.

Apothecary – His Aura is good for Dungeons, as it creases the allies’ DEF in Dungeons by 21%, but what I like most about him is the heal that he provides, which can be critical (just like critical hit, but in this case critical heal). He also has an increased SPD buff!

Warpriest – This is the Support I am currently using, and I love her. She has an Increased ATK buff for the team, as well as a great healing skill which heals the target for a percentage of their MAX HP, as well as the other team members. Oh, and she can also Freeze the enemy!

Furystoker – Even if he’s ugly, he can be really great addition to any team due to his passive which heals the ally with the lowest HP each turn (can be critical heal, so it’s super good!) and he can also remove all debuffs from an ally while healing them.

Banshee – Her Aura is super strong for the Arena, as it increases Ally’s Resist. Her active skills are also very good because of the DEF decrease, as well as the chance to remove a random buff from the enemy and block their skills cooldown. Overall, she’s pretty good for the Arena.

Acolyte – He is pretty good in the Arena too, as his Aura increases the allies’ ATK in Arena by 30%, but his skills are nice too as he can decrease the enemy turn meter and remove all debuffs on his allies.

Arcanist – Her Aura increases the allies’ DEF in Arena by 25%, while her skills are pretty good overall: has a chance  to inflict Sleep, while also placing a Continuous Heal buff on allies and also an ATK + Crit Rate buff.

*Another one worth mentioning is Renegade, but it is slightly more difficult to make good plays around her unless you are really experienced, as she can easily kill herself with the Sacrificial Ritual skill.

Raid: Shadow Legends Best Supports – Epic Rarity

Some Epic heroes can turn out fairly good, and if you haven’t noticed yet, you will get a free Epic Support hero for simply logging in to the game. That’s a great way to kickstart your team and make a powerful addition to it.

Hint: you can use the Common and Uncommon heroes you collected to boost this free Epic Support.

Most of the Epic rarity Support heroes are very good, so no matter which one you get it will be awesome. In the list below we’ve added the ones we consider best, but nonetheless the others aren’t bad! But we aren’t going to list them all now, are we?

Battlesage – Her Aura increases ally’s SPD in battles by 19%, but her skills are AoE and while she removes all debuffs from allies, she also places an Increased ATK buff of them which cannot be removed. Another good part about her is the Mother’s Embrace skill which allows an ally to revive instantly.

Thenasil – His Aura increases Allies’ RES in Dungeons by 70, and his skills can Sleep and decrease the buff duration on the enemy, while also increasing the Allies’ DEF and healing them. He works well with a party leader with an Increased HP Aura.

Seer – Her Aura increases Allies’ RES by 40, and with her skills she can remove all buffs from the enemies (and allies) and places Increased Crit Rate buff on her allies while weakening the enemy.

Shaman – She’s the free hero you get by simply logging in to the game. She can remove buffs from the enemies while increasing her team mates’ Crit Rate and Shielding them.

Flesh-Tearer – Just like Thenasil, Flesh-Tearer works well with a party leader which has an Increased HP Aura because his heal relies on his HP a lot. His other skill decreases the duration of enemies’ buffs and increase the duration of the debuffs.

Gorgorab – His Aura increases the allies’ SPD in the Arena, while his active skills can remove buffs from the enemy while filling in the Allies’ Turn Meter and buffing their ATK. He can also revive all dead allies and heal them.

Sinesha – She’s great for the free hit basically and a ton of healing. Her Burning Wave will place an additional attack if the enemy’s HP is below 50%, while she can also put their skills into cooldown and healing the ally with the lowest HP. Her Immortality basically raises all the allies’ HP to the level of the level of the ally with highest HP. (super strong!)

Raid: Shadow Legends Best Supports – Legendary Rarity

Now what can we say about them? The Legendary ones are quite tough to obtain, and they are really strong as well. If you’re lucky and got one, good for you! It will be a great addition to the team and you should definitely focus on leveling it up and making upgrades for it.

Raglin – Her Aura skill increases allies’ DEF by 33%, while she can also fill a random ally’s turn meter with her normal attacks and remove all debuffs on the allies while healing them. She can also revive an ally with 75% HP and full Turn Meter. That can really turn the tides of battle in your favor.

Venus – Her Aura increases allies’ HP by 33%, and her active skills can poison the enemy, and also inflict Decreased DEF and Weaken debuffs on the enemies. She can also inflict a HP Burn effect, and if Cupid is on same team as her, she can remove all buffs from all enemies with a chance to gain an extra turn.

Blind Seer – Her Aura increases allies’ DEF in Dungeons by 42%, while her normal attacks can decrease the enemy turn meter. She can also buff the allies with a Shield and a Block Debuffs buff, while also being to resurrect all dead allies and heal them and placing a Block Damage buff on them.

Bad-el-Kazar – His Aura increases allies’ Crit Rate by 25%, while he can also heal the allies and Poison the enemy. He also removes all debuffs from allies.

Prince Kymar – His Aura increases the allies’ SPD in the Arena by 30% and can inflict a Poison and Sleep on the enemy, while also removing all of their buffs. His Seal of Magic resets the cooldown of all ally skills and fills their turn meter.

This would complete our list for Raid: Shadow Legends: best Support heroes in the game. If you are still just getting started, take a look at out best starting hero in Raid: Shadow Legends to know exactly which one fits your play style! Also, don’t forget to check out our game guide for some extra game tips and tricks!

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Raid: Shadow Legends: Best Support Heroes In The Game


  1. The Warpriest really outperforms her (initial) rank, and is a great all-rounder. Make sure to level up her skills, so that the heal gets a cooldown red – it still won’t cycle all that often, but paired with some lifesteal/divine (for the shield) or curing gear, your team will be swimming in health, to the point of being almost Covid-proof.


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