PUBG Mobile Season 19 has recently begun. Like always, players have been placed into a lower rank at the beginning of the season. For that reason, everyone has to grind once again in order to reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Season 19.

For unaware, Conqueror is the highest rank a player can achieve in PUBG Mobile. Unlike other ranks, there are no specific points to reach this rank. The top 500 players from each server enjoy this rank.

Since the game has millions of active players, it’s quite challenging for many players to secure the Conqueror rank.

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Therefore, here are some secret tips and tricks to get Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Season 19.

5 tips and tricks to Reach Conqueror in PUBG Mobile Season 19

1) Focus on Survival points

PUBG Mobile scoreboard

Undoubtedly, PUBG Mobile considers survival time more than kills while assigning a rank. Hence, the players should always aim for more and more survival points in order to reach Conqueror quickly in PUBG Mobile.

In order to boost your survival time, avoid doing hot drops and don’t engage in unnecessary fights. This will lead you to the top ten players list in most of the classic matches.

2) Play Classic matches with your regular squad

PUBG Mobile squad match

Playing classic squad matches with your regular teammates is very important. There is a saying, “Teamwork is the key to success,” which also implies while playing PUBG Mobile.

Always try to play with your regular squad instead of matchmaking with random players. Many random squads will don’t listen to your calls as they generally don’t use the voice chat feature.

3) Warmup before Ranked match

Training Grounds in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile players should make great use of the training grounds. A lot of players dive into rank pushing without warming up and ends up losing several rank points. They must perform drills until they are confident to give their best in the match.

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4) Use the 4 finger claw setup

4 finger claw setup

The 4 finger claw layout is being used by many PUBG Mobile professional players. The setup would enable players to perform actions like jumping, moving, looking around, and shooting at the same time.

Many PUBG experts also recommend avoiding the two-finger claw setup since performing multiple actions is not possible at all in this layout.

5) Stay on the edge of the zone

Playzone Edge

The final tip is that a player should always prefer to play on the edge of the zone. It will be much safer than playing in the center of the zone. Furthermore, it significantly increases the winning rate of a player.

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PUBG Mobile: 5 secret tricks to Reach Conqueror in Season 19


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