PUBG Mobile 1.6 Beta update APK download
PUBG Mobile 1.6 Beta update APK download

Krafton’s PUBG Mobile is one of the most competitive titles where players have to land on a remote island and survive till the end. Like many other battle royale games, PUBG players can improve their overall gameplay skills by focusing on their aim and weapon handling ability.

Besides this, a more effective way to win almost every other fight in PUBG Mobile is to land more and more headshots as it generally deals with massive damage over body shots.

While it’s just a piece of cake to get headshots in PUBG Mobile for high-ranked players, many newcomers or less experienced players are often baffled about getting a headshot. Hence this article looks at the most superior tips to get more headshots easily.

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Tips and Tricks to get headshots easily in PUBG Mobile

1) Use Correct Sensitivity Settings

How To Adjust Sensitivity To Improve Aim In PUBG Mobile And Fortnite! |  Cashify Blog
Best sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile

A vital part of improving the headshot accuracy is to use the right sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile. When you install PUBG Mobile, the default one is not going to cut it. Players should either adjust it by visiting training mode or follow our comprehensive guide for the best PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings to get headshots easily.

2) Fix your crosshair placement

PUBG Mobile: Tips and Tricks to Improve your Aim | GamingonPhone
PUBG Mobile crosshair settings

In PUBG Mobile, one of the most important factors to win fights is the correct crosshair placement. Many beginners keep their crosshair equivalent to the opponent’s body or even lower. A player should always point the crosshair at the head level to land more headshots in the game.

3) Play Deathmatch mode

PUBG Mobile Deathmatch

Another way to improve headshot accuracy is by playing Deathmatch mode in PUBG Mobile. It’s a unique 4v4 arcade mode where players can choose different weapons to train their weapon handling skills in heavy combat scenarios. Fights in PUBG deathmatches are relatively fast, and the players will get more opportunities to work on their aiming skills.

4) Use a scope

Different scopes in PUBG Mobile

Scopes in PUBG Mobile are basically used to zoom the view and look at distant targets more easily. While the scope is equipped, it provides a better chance to knock down the enemy by headshot. However, the weapon’s recoil will start increasing as well, according to the level of scope.

5) Practice in Training mode

PUBG Training grounds

There’s a wise saying, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Only modifying the in-game settings is definitely not going to help you. Make sure to get into the training section to exert your aim for a while, as it will help you a lot to improve the weapon handling skills.

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