Project Slayers: How to Activate Godspeed


Project Slayers is an incredibly addicting Roblox game. Players can choose to become a demon or play as a human. Depending on this choice, you will have different abilities. Some of these abilities increase your health or damage, while others can increase your speed tremendously. And in this guide, we will tell you how to activate Godspeed in Project Slayers.

How to Activate Godspeed

While playing Project Slayers, you need to create your character. And your skills and attacks will directly depend on how lucky you are in Gacha. In addition to Breathing, what Clan you belong to plays an important role.

There are many different Clans in the game. All of them give various bonuses and special abilities to your character. And to join any clan, you need to spend Spins. Of course, the rarer the Clan, the more powerful it is. And one of the rarest is the Agatsuma Clan. The chance that you can join it is 0.05%. However, it is worth spending all your Spins.

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Even though this Clan provides a small bonus of health and strength, it is still incredibly cool. And that’s because you’ll be able to use God Speed ​​Mode. But you have to fulfill two conditions: 

  • You need to be a human. 
  • You should have Thunder Breath.

To activate God Speed ​​Mode, you just need to press K. And, after that, your speed will increase many times, and your dash will become faster than light. What’s more, all of your Thunder Breath attacks will deal increased damage. The effect will last 30 seconds.

We recommend you do your best to become one of the Agatsuma clan and get God Speed ​​Mode. This ability is incredibly cool, and with it, you will be able to destroy most of the enemies. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to get Insect Katana.

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Project Slayers: How to Activate Godspeed


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