Home Game Guides What is the Best Breathing Style in Project Slayers? – Answered

What is the Best Breathing Style in Project Slayers? – Answered

What is the Best Breathing Style in Project Slayers? – Answered
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Project Slayers is a fun Roblox game that’s themed after the anime Demon Slayer. The game lets you enter the world of a new Demon Slayer in training and try to defeat enemies and make your way towards learning a Breathing Style.

The game consists of four Breathing Styles and they each have their individual playstyle, strengths and weaknesses. So in this article, we’ll be telling you what is the best Breathing Style in Project Slayers.

What is the Best Breathing Style in Project Slayers? – Answered


Since every player has their own type of style that works for them, it can be tough putting just one Breathing Style up there as the best. But below are the best Breathing Styles you can choose from if you don’t have a particular one that works for you yet.

S-Tier Breathing Style

The Thunder Breathing Style is great for dishing out damage and preventing enemies from counter-attacking. It is optimized for both PvP and PvE, due to its rapid attacks and barrage of area-of-effect damage. With the S-Tier Breathing Style, you can attack large groups of enemies and target a single opponent, depending on what the situation requires.

Using this Breathing Style you also possess a powerful ability called Rapid Slashes, which carries a combo so fast that enemies cannot defend themselves against it. And while it’s not a block breaker, it’s an excellent way of overwhelming your enemy.

A-Tier Breathing Style

For this Tier, we have the Water Breathing Style. This Breathing Style is specially balanced toward both PvP and PvE playstyles and does not require precise aim to be successful. None of the Water Breathing abilities is inherently weak, due to their low skill floor.

Water Breathing possesses a powerful ability called Constant Flux. Using this ability, you can create an onslaught of attacks to strike your enemy and can be aimed. This move is also a block breaker, making it the most effective ability in the Water Breathing user’s arsenal.

B-Tier Breathing Style

For this Tier, we have the Insect Breathing Style. This Breathing Style relies upon quick thrusting attacks to gain the upper hand in fights. It is also optimized for PvE playstyles and contains several block-breaking attacks.

Insect Breathing possesses a solid ability named Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon. This ability rapidly strikes your opponent, and then ends with a final attack that does extra damage. It is also a block breaker and can be aimed with the cursor.

C-Tier Breathing Style

Lastly, we have Wind Breathing. This Breathing Style excels at mobility and long-range attacks, although it lacks the ability to overwhelm opponents. Wind Breathing is optimized for PvE playstyles since it allows you to strike enemies from a safe distance.

Wind Breathing comes with a handy ability called Idaten Typhoon, which lifts you up and launches five damaging wind blasts. This move is also a block breaker and can be aimed. Although Wind Breathing provides exceptional mobility, it fails to keep up with the aforementioned Breathing Styles.

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What is the Best Breathing Style in Project Slayers? – Answered


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