How to Climb Walls in Project Slayers


Project Slayers in Roblox drops players into a feudal Japan where challenging bosses await. There’s a vast world to explore, and one of the ways you can get around is by climbing over walls. You can virtually climb just about any wall in the game, but you’re limited to your stamina. Today, we’ll show you how to climb walls in Project Slayers!

Climbing Walls in Project Slayers

Climbing walls is very simple in Project Slayers. If you’re playing on PC, all you need to do is face a wall and then press your CTRL key. On mobile, jump against a wall and then jump again to start climbing.

Your character should automatically grab the wall, and you can start climbing from there. You can climb on just about anything, but be careful—you’ll automatically let go of the wall once your stamina runs out.

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Your stamina gauge is the green diamond that shows up on your character once you start climbing. Keep an eye on it so that you know when to find a safe spot to drop, as it will continue to decrease even when you’re not moving around on the wall.

If you’re looking to scale a large mountain, it’s best to go in with a game plan. Don’t try to climb up large walls in one go, as you’ll probably run out of stamina. Instead, look around for little resting ledges.

Many of the mountains in the game are blocky and rigid, meaning that most of them have flat ledges where you can stop to catch your breath. If the section of the mountain you’re trying to climb is a long, flat surface, it might be better to try a different angle.

That concludes our guide on how to climb in Project Slayers. If you have any other questions or tips about climbing, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Climb Walls in Project Slayers


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