How to Get Insect Katana in Project Slayers


The weapons that you use are one of the most essential things in Project Slayers. And getting a really powerful and rare weapon is the primary mission for most players. By reading this guide, you will find out how to get Insect Katana in Project Slayers. So, there is no time to lose; let’s get started!

Getting Insect Katana in Project Slayers

Insect or Shinobiu’s Katana is the only mythic weapon in Project Slayers. Therefore, if you get it, you will become quite popular among all players. Moreover, this Katana is powerful, and it will be much easier for you to win fights using this Katana.

However, the disadvantage is that if you try to get this Katana directly, you will spend many hours obtaining it. There are easier ways to get it in approximately 1 hour, depending on your luck. Just continue reading the guide, and you will find out.

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So, to get the Katana, you need to kill the boss. But ordinary bosses have only a 0,5% chance of dropping Insect Katana. Therefore, you must go to the Butterfly Village and fight the boss here. By beating this boss, you will have 1% of getting the Insect Katana, which is much better.

And all you need to do to get the Katana is to farm this boss. Moreover, you can get not only the sword but the clock as well. However, before farming this boss, do not forget to set the spawn point near the main house in Butterfly Village. Otherwise, getting to the village every time will take a lot of time.

In conclusion, getting the Insect Katana is easy, but only when you know how to do it. And of course, even if you do everything correctly, you might be unlucky and not get even after tens of hours. That is how it is.

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How to Get Insect Katana in Project Slayers


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