The Focus Band in Pokemon Unite is an A Tier held item taken into battle to aid players when their health is low by increasing defence and special defence stats.

The Focus Band can be purchased in the shop for 1000 Aeos coins or 625 Aeos Tickets

Focus Band

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The Focus Band’s ability comes into play when the player’s health is at 25% or below, with a 138 second cooldown meaning the Focus Band can usually be used around 3-4 times per 10 minute battle. The item recovers the players HP taken by that point by 8/11/14% every second for 3 seconds.

The Focus Band level determines the boost in Defence stats. The held items level can be increased with Item Enhancers. A Level 10 Focus Band gives Defence +10 and Special Defence +10, Level 20 gives Defence +20 and Special Defence +20, Level 30 gives Defence +30 and Special Defence +30.

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Charizard is a great Pokemon combined with the Focus Band

The best Pokemon to use with the Focus Band are All-Rounders and Defenders- the type of Pokemon who can be on the frontline of the battle, or right in the middle of it. Pokemon with great max.HP are perfect as the Focus Band’s usage is based on the HP lost up to that point- the more it has lost, the more it gains back for the player in increments of 8/11/14% depending on item level (1/10/20).

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