To succeed in Pokemon Unite players will need to reach Trainer Level 9 and have the ability to upgrade their held items, increasing their effectiveness. To upgrade your held items you will need Item Enhancers, which can be difficult to get in large numbers but there are various ways to obtain them. They are available to purchase with in-game currency or by levelling up and completing missions.

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Players will need the best items to play competitively

Where to Obtain Item Enhancers

  • Purchase in the Aeos Emporium with 10 Aeos Tickets or 1 Aeos Gem.
  • Level up your trainer and receive Item Enhancers as a reward.
  • Level up your Battle Pass by completing Battle Pass missions.
  • Complete missions to receive Item Enhancers and Aeos Tickets.
  • Spending Aeos Energy in the Energy Rewards Gacha System.

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The main way to obtain the Item Enhancers is by purchasing them with Aeos Tickets as these are more easily available to players and do not have to be purchased with real money unless the player chooses to. Each Item Enhancer costs 10 Aeos Tickets and players can get Aeos Tickets by using the Daily Log In, levelling up their Trainer, as a reward in the Battle Pass, completing missions, and in the Energy Reward Gacha System. The easiest way to gain tickets to spend on Item Enchancers is by logging in every day and playing (and winning!) matches. It takes a total of 2587 Item Enhancers to upgrade an item to its fullest, so get grinding!

Good luck!

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