Pokemon Unite Aeos Tickets – How To Obtain and Use Them


Aeos Tickets are the pseudo premium currency of the Pokémon Unite. The tickets can be used for a variety of things, but they’re not as valuable as the actual premium currency, Aeos Gems. Unlike the Aeos Gems however, you can earn Aeos Tickets through in-game means, which makes them a lot more attractive for strictly free players. Here is our guide on Pokémon Unite’s Aeos Tickets on how to obtain and use them!

How to Obtain Aeos Tickets

There are several ways of earning Aeos Tickets through in-game means. The primary method is through the limited time events. Almost every single category in the Events list has Aeos Tickets as rewards, so be sure to complete as many missions as you can. These mission lists include the 14-day welcome gifts, daily missions, Aeos Research Institute Missions, and more!

The second way of earning Aeos Tickets is to simply enjoy the game and level up. Whenever you reach certain levels, you may be able to claim free Aeos Tickets. Check your trainer progression list from the main menu to see when your next free Aeos Tickets will be.

The third method of earning Aeos Tickets is through the seasonal battle pass. The battle pass comes in a free and paid form. The free battle pass rewards you with Aeos Tickets as you level it up.

You also earn Aeos Tickets as a ranked seasonal award. Whenever you play ranked matches, your rank increases or decreases depending on your performance. Higher ranked players at the end of the season will be rewarded with Aeos Tickets!

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How to Use Aeos Tickets

You can spend your hard-earned Aeos Tickets in the Aeos Emporium. You use them to purchase new clothing options for your trainer, or you can opt to use Aeos Gems. Most clothing options are purchasable with Aeos Gems, but there are some you can only get with Aeos Tickets.

You can also spend your Aeos Tickets on battle and held items. Simply go to the Items tab of the Aeos Emporium and you can purchase helpful items to use in battle or nifty boosters that increase your rewards at the end of a match.

That’s about all you need to know about Pokémon Unite’s Aeos Tickets. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Pokemon Unite Aeos Tickets – How To Obtain and Use Them


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