Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build Guide: Best Moves, Items, and More

eldegoss pokemon unite build

Eldegoss in Pokémon Unite is a Supporter type of Pokémon with a Novice Difficulty to play. It starts the match as Gossifleur and evolves into Eldegoss at level 4.

How to Get Eldegoss in Pokémon Unite

To obtain Eldegoss in Pokémon Unite you will need to buy a Unite License. It costs 6,000 Aeos Coins or 345 Aeos Gems. Once you bought it you will be able to use this character. Also, Eldegoss is available as one of the five Pokémon you can choose after completing the first tutorial.

Eldegoss Moves in Pokémon Unite

Eldegoss in Pokémon Unite has two passive abilities:

  • Its Basic Attack boosts each of your third attacks. It puts a bit of cotton fluff on your opponent. Eldegoss deals increased damage with its basic attacks to the enemy with attached fluff and decrease its Movement Speed.
  • Cotton Down increases Eldegoss Movement Speed and recovers its HP when it receives a certain amount of damage. The opposing Pokémon that triggered Cotton Down will be damaged and get its Movement Speed decreased.

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At level 1 you need to choose one of two Moves, while the other one will be given to you at level 3. These options are:

  • Leafage – 4,5s Cooldown – Throws a bunch of leaves, deals damage, and decreases the opponent’s Movement Speed.
  • Synthesis – 8s Cooldown – Restores HP to the user and nearby allies.

At level 4 you will be able to replace Leafage with one of two Moves. Both of them will be upgraded at level 11. These abilities are:

  • Pollen Puff – 6s Cooldown – Blasts pollen in an area. Deals damage to opponents and restores HP to allies. After upgrade starts to deal additional damage over time and reduce the damage your allies receive.
  • Leaf Tornado – 9s Cooldown – Summons a tornado that deals damage and leaves a path. Increases Movement Speed of any ally that steps on it. When upgraded starts to decrease the accuracy of enemies.

At level 6 you may choose the one of two following Moves. It will be the replacement of Synthesis. These abilities will be upgraded at level 13.

  • Cotton Guard – 7s Cooldown – Attaches cotton to the user and its allies. It absorbs damage and heals after a short time. Increases Eldegoss Movement Speed after the upgrade.
  • Cotton Spore – 10s Cooldown – After a short charging time blasts in a large area, deals damage to opponents throws them and decreasing their Movement Speed. Increases Movement Speed of the user during charge. Also reduces the incoming damage with the upgrade.

At level 9 Eldegoss gets its Unite Move. When using Cotton Cloud Crash Eldegoss flies into the air and becomes invincible. If you use this Move again your Pokémon will dive to the ground dealing damage to enemies and restoring HP to allies.

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Recommended Items

Eldegoss in Pokémon Unite is a Supporter type of Pokémon. Its abilities provide heal and protection to teammates. As Held Items we recommend:

  • Shell Bell reduces your Move Cooldown, boosts Sp. Atk and heals your character.
  • Buddy Barrier gives a shield to you and your ally with the lowest HP.
  • Exp. Share is very useful to Supporter. You need to leave the most of EXP to your teammates and this item will help you to keep up with their level.

As Battle Item we recommend you Eject Button. It grants you additional mobility and the opportunity to escape troubles.

How to Play Eldegoss in Pokémon Unite

Eldegoss in Pokémon Unite is a good Supporter that provides buffs and healing to its teammates. At level 1 we recommend you to choose Leafage. It will help your team to get the first kill. Later you should pick Pollen Puff and Cotton Guard. These two abilities are both great choices to support your comrades in a fight. Use your Moves correctly and you will become a savior to your teammates. Good luck in your further matches.

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Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Build Guide: Best Moves, Items, and More


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