Pokémon Unite Crustle Build Guide

Crustle in Pokémon Unite is a Defender type of Pokémon with a Novice Difficulty to play. It starts the match as Dwebble then evolves into Crustle at level 4. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Crustle in Pokemon Unite.

How to Get Crustle in Pokémon Unite

To get Crustle in Pokémon Unite you will need to buy it in a shop. It costs 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems. Also, you may obtain the crab by completing all seven steps of the Beginner Challenge.

Crustle Moves in Pokémon Unite

Crustle in Pokémon Unite has two passive abilities:

  • Basic Attack boosts each of your third attacks. It deals increased damage and slows opponents.
  • Sturdy increases the user’s Defense and Special Defense when it loses HP.

At level 1 you need to choose one of two following Moves, while the other one will be available to you at level 3.

  • Rock Slide – 6s Cooldown – Creates a rain of rocks that deals damage and stuns opponents.
  • Fury Cutter – 3,5s Cooldown – Blows the opponent. Deals more damage with each hit.

At level 4 you may pick a replacement for Rock Slide. This ability will be upgraded at level 11.

  • Rock Tomb – 5s Cooldown – Creates a wall of rocks that gets in opponents’ way. The upgrade decreases opponents Move Speed in the area of effect.
  • Shell Smash – 7s Cooldown – Increases the user’s Movement Speed and Attack but decreases its Defense.

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At level 6 you need to choose one of two skills that will be the replacement of Fury Cutter. This Move will be upgraded at level 13.

  • Stealth Rock – 8s Cooldown – Creates a zone that deals damage over time. The upgrade slows opponents in the area of effect.
  • X-Scissor – 8s Cooldown – Charges forward with three blows, deals damage, and stuns opponents. The upgrade reduces the Move’s cooldown.

At level 9 Crustle gets its Unite Move. Rubble Rouser grants a shield and damages nearby opponents. Also, it stuns the hit opponent.

Recommended Items

Crustle in Pokémon Unite is a Defender type of Pokémon. It has great crowd control options and survivability. As Held Items we recommend:

  • Float Stone to improve your damage and mobility.
  • Leftovers to improve your survivability.
  • Rocky Helmet to boost your Defense.

As Battle Item we recommend you Eject Button. It gives you additional escape opportunities.

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How to Play Crustle in Pokémon Unite

Crustle in Pokémon Unite is a Defender. You are the shield of your team. Engage the teamfight and take all the damage. At level 1 Fury Cutter will be a good choice to help your team to kill neutrals. All of his later choices are great. Rock Tomb and Stealth Rock are good for supporting and protection, while Shell Smash and X-Scissor are attack options. Good luck in your further matches.

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