pokemon unite beginners guide

Pokémon Unite is a MOBA game and in order to play it, you need to understand its rules. Below in this Pokemon Unite guide, you will see the basics of the game explained.

Preparations Before the Match in Pokémon Unite

Before starting your match you should pick your Pokémon. There are 5 roles of Pokémon. Attackers deal heavy damage to opponents. Speedsters have high mobility and are able to make quick attacks on their enemies. All-Rounders are tough fighters with balanced damage, endurance, and crowd control. Defenders serve as great protection for their teammates with survivability and crowd control. Supporters provide different status conditions on your opponents and heal their allies.

Choose the Pokémon you like and try to be useful in its role. Also, you need to pick your Held Items and Battle Item if you have them. You may buy and upgrade these Items and get additional slots for them by leveling up your Trainer Level.

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The Game Map in Pokémon Unite

The next thing we need to learn in Pokémon Unite is the Game Map. Here we see the classic MOBA setup. There are three lanes Top Lane, Middle Lane, and Bottom Lane, also known as Top, Mid, Bot. You need to choose your position on the map and some of the Pokémon Roles are fit better for particular lanes.

For example, Speedsters are very good at Mid, as they are fast and can help their teammates when it is necessary, so it is better for them to have short access to Top and Bot. But, the meta still hasn’t been determined yet, so there are no particular rules on where to go with your Pokémon.

The one piece of advice we can give is that Supporters and Defenders shouldn’t be left solo, as they need teammates to defeat enemies.

Also, you need to learn about Berries. These are items that spawn directly at the map during the match and boost your Pokémon with additional Movement Speed or healing when you pick it up.

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How to Score Points in Pokémon Unite

The main aim for your team is to score as many points with Aeos Energy you’ve gathered. There are five points for each team where you can score Aeos Energy. You need to come to one of the enemy Points and score your goal, but there are some important notes. If your Pokémon will be hit during the scoring process it will be interrupted. Also, you should be careful as the ally Point buffs its team with shields, bonus Movement Speed, and regeneration.

How to Obtain Aeos Energy in Pokémon Unite

There are few ways to obtain Aeos Energy in Pokémon Unite. The first one is farming Wild Pokémon. These Neutrals will give some Aeos Energy and Exp to your Pokémon. The second way is slaying the Pokémon from the opposing team as it drops all gathered Aeos Energy. But be careful, if the enemy manages to kill you your energy will be dropped too.

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Bosses in Pokémon Unite

There are three Boss Pokémon on the map. Each of them has its unique location and gives your team big rewards after you’ve beaten them. Zapdos from the Middle spawn point gives additional Aeos Energy to all your teammates and makes your goal-scoring instant for 30 seconds. Drednaw from the Bot rewards your team with Exp and shield buff. Rotom from the Top lane sides with your team and fights its way to the nearest enemy Point. After the Boss reached it, the scoring at this Point becomes instant for your team. Be careful with those Neutrals and always call your teammates to fight them and get the reward.

It was all basics you needed to know about this game, its map, Pokémon roles, and Neutral creeps. Good luck in your further matches. On our website, you can find guides on how to play different Pokemon.

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