Pokemon Sword And Shield

It’s been some time since the games’ original reveal, but finally players all over the world will be able to play Pokemon Sword And Shield in less than 24 hours. The embargo has also lifted yesterday, and new info and footage have emerged online.

GameXplain recently released a brand new video showcasing battles against Gym Leaders, capturing Pokemon, story sequences and much more. There are some spoilers in the video, so avoid watching it if you want Pokemon Sword And Shield to be a complete surprise for you when they release tomorrow on Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Sword And Shield are among the most controversial entries in the series ever. For the first time ever, the two games will not feature all of the Pokemon created so far, with Game Freak announcing that there are no plans of adding more Pokemon after launch. This, however, seems to be not exactly correct, as data miners discovered that there is data for Pokemon that do not appear in the game, so it’s likely that they can be obtained in some way later on.

Despite the controversy, Pokemon Sword And Shield do take some step forward, especially with the Wild Area, which allows players to catch a variety of Pokemon and control the camera view, a first for the series.

Pokemon Sword And Shield launch on November 15th on Nintendo Switch.


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