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Sonic Superstars Final Boss Guide

Sonic Superstars Final Boss Guide
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The bosses in Sonic the Hedgehog games have never really been too difficult, but that has all changed with Sonic Superstars. Dr. Eggman isn’t playing around anymore, as the final boss is actually very challenging!

Sonic Superstars is another classic 2D adventure with a variety of colorful zones to blast through, but many fans are having trouble with the surprisingly difficult bosses. Some gamers are proclaiming that the final boss is one of the hardest bosses in the entire series! If you’re having trouble, we can help you out with our Sonic Superstars final boss guide.

How to beat the final boss in Sonic Superstars

At the end of Egg Fortress Act 2, Team Sonic finds themselves in the core of the Egg Fortress. Eggman reveals his ultimate robot, and the only way out of the core is through him. Before we start, we’ll go over recommended characters and Chaos Emerald powers.

For characters, we highly recommend playing as Amy for the final boss. Her double jump and hammer spin abilities give her a much easier time with the final boss compared to the other characters. Tails is also a good choice thanks to his ability to fly, but his low airspeed may be troublesome in phase 2.

For Chaos Emerald powers, Avatar is fantastic for getting free hits in on the boss when you’re too busy avoiding attacks. Bullet can help you dodge attacks as well, and even let you sneak some hits in. Slow can help you out if you’re having trouble reacting in time. Extra can be helpful, depending on your character. Now, without further ado, let’s beat Eggman!

Sonic Superstars’ final boss phase 1 guide

Phase 1 starts with Eggman’s colossal robot standing in the center of the screen. His first attack fires a missile barrage of about seven missiles at you, so move out of the way. Notice some of the missiles are blue—these ones can be deflected back into the robot by jumping into them.

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However, if you’re in front of the robot, Eggman will block the missile with a giant shield. What you need to do is run quickly to the right or left until the robot stops tracking you. Once you’re behind the robot and out of its vision, hit a blue missile. Eggman can’t block what he can’t see!

If you’re having trouble finding the blue missiles, keep an eye on the spot above the robot as it’s firing them out. You can actually see if the blue missiles are going to be on the right or left side by watching which side it comes out on.

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After you damage the robot, it’ll raise up an orange force field. You need to find a hole in the force field and quickly scramble to it, otherwise, you’ll get hit. The force field flashes brightly when it’s about to launch forward, so that’s your cue to get out of the way. Once you dodge it successfully, Eggman fires more missiles at you.

Get some more hits in, and Eggman tries something new. The robot lifts it saw arm up, so keep running to the right or left to dodge the incoming slice. The platforms behind you continue to fall for a bit, so keep moving to avoid falling to your doom.

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Sometimes, Eggman lifts both arms up and slices the platforms so that a few platforms in the middle rise into the air—just keep running and you should be fine. As a side note, we’re not sure if this is a bug or not, but if you happen to be in the air when the platforms rise, you might fall through, so try to stay on the ground for this attack.

While you’re running, lightning orbs from the ceiling descend upon you, so watch where you’re going. Eventually, the platforms stop breaking, so slow down and maneuver around the lightning orbs. If you really need to, use some of your Chaos Emerald powers to help you out, but ideally, you’ll want to save them for phase 2.

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That covers all of Eggman’s attacks for phase 1. Keep deflecting missiles back at him, and eventually he’ll fall apart but rewind time, starting phase 2.

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Sonic Superstars final boss phase 2 guide

Eggman starts phase 2 on the left side of the screen, and this time, he’s in the foreground with you! You’ll need to keep running to the right to avoid getting hit and falling to your doom. Small bumps in the road appear periodically to try to trip you up, so stay on your toes.

Eggman starts off the fight by slamming down on the platforms with his robot’s saw arms. You’ll need to be away from the robot enough to avoid the hit, so keep your speed up. Getting hit by this is almost always a guaranteed death since you’ll get flung back and fall into the core.

Eventually, Eggman raises both arms like before and slams down with great force. This attack reaches much farther than the one-arm attacks, so make sure you’re hugging the right edge of the screen. Eggman is briefly stunned after this attack, so this is your chance to jump on the robot’s head.

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Next, Eggman’s gravity shifter activates and you’ll float into the air. Slowly make your way to the robot’s head while carefully weaving through the lightning orbs. You have more time than you think here, so it’s best to play it safe and not rush.

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After the gravity attack, the robot chases you once more. This time, it’ll fire charged energy from the three dishes on its chest. Watch to see which one is firing, then get out of the way. If the bottom one is firing, you’ll need to time your jump so that you’re in the air long enough to clear it.

If you’re Tails, you can fly to the top of the screen to avoid most of the laser, but just watch your speed. If you’re Amy, make liberal use of her double-jumps to avoid the lasers.

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Next, the robot lowers itself, and then starts spinning its arms to destroy the platforms. This attack is similar to the saw arm slices, so just keep running and jumping to avoid the rotating arms. It’s especially important to watch for the bumps here, as they will get you killed if you get clipped by them.

You may want to consider using either Bullet or Slow here to make this attack easier to handle. Bullet can help you stay in the air to ignore the attacks outright, and Slow gives you more time to dodge.

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After that, Eggman’s attacks start to loop. You’ve seen all the attacks, so now you just have to deal with them until you damage the robot enough times. Once you’ve dealt enough damage, both Eggman and the Egg Fortress go down. Congratulations, you finished the main story of Sonic Superstars!

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