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How to Get Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4

How to Get Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4
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So you know how to get your Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin in Pikmin 4, but don’t want to stop until you get all nine types? That’s the spirit, because getting all types of Pikmin is half the fun in this cute game. And each Pikmin type comes with unique abilities that prove to be useful as you explore and encounter various enemies.

The Ice Pikmin are one of the two new species introduced in the fourth game, and they are worth all the fuss—at least, in my opinion. These little blue walking icicles can freeze enemies and bodies of water, making traversal much easier (even though you don’t need to rely on this skill that much when Oatchi learns to swim). If you’re not sure how to get Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4, hop in, as we explain everything you need to know in this handy guide!

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How to get Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4

Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4
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You can find Ice Pikmin just by exploring underground areas as you progress through the story. Some of the stages where you can encounter them include:

  • Sun-Speckled Terrace: Aquiferous Summit, Last-Frost Cavern, and Hectic Hollows
  • Blossoming Arcadia: Drafty Gallery
  • Serene Shores: Subzero Sauna and Seafloor Resort
  • Hero’s Hideaway: Frozen Inferno and Doppelgänger’s Den

You will most likely see them for the first time as you go into the Last-Frost Cavern in Sun-Speckled Terrace. These underground spaces are the best source of Ice Pikmin before you find the Ice Onion in Hero’s Hideaway and gain the ability to make your own. Until then, just use Oatchi’s sniffing skills. Once he gets the first Ice Pikmin, you can begin to use Command to have him look for a particular type of Pikmin in certain areas.

Happy hunting for Ice Pikmin! If you need more assistance with this game, feel free to explore more useful guides in our dedicated Pikmin 4 section!

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How to Get Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4