The Party Girl is one of the unique NPCs in Terraria who doesn’t have a guaranteed spawn. Normally, when a player fulfills the criteria to spawn a town NPC, they spawn in the empty house and then players can buy items from them, use them to gain buffs, debuffs, and other things.

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However, even when you fulfill the criteria to spawn the Party Girl NPC, you have a mere 2.5% chance that she will spawn in the empty house, that you made for her. This makes finding/spawning the Party Girl NPC a rather daunting task.

In the wake of that, to help you out, we have prepared a handy guide that talks about everything you need to do to spawn the Party Girl NPC. Apart from that, we also briefly talk about why you need the Party Girl NPC in Terraria.

Where to Find Party Girl in Terraria

Similar to any other town NPCs in Terraria, players don’t have to find Party Girl NPC. Instead, they have to fulfill certain criteria to spawn the NPC in an empty house.

Here are the requirements for spawning the Party Girl NPC in Terraria.

  • An empty house.
  • No other NPC should be waiting to move in the available empty house.
  • Depending on platform, 8 to 14 other town NPCs should be in the world.

NPCs like the Old Man, Town Pets, and Traveling Merchant are counted as valid NPCs to fulfill the above requirements. However, the Skeleton Merchant NPC doesn’t count towards this total.

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Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, the Party Girl NPC will randomly (2.5% chance) spawn every morning and evening. If you are lucky, you will get her early, or else you have to wait for several days and night cycles.

Why Party Girl Is Needed in Terraria

The Party Girl NPC is needed to buy the Confetti Gun, Smoke Bomb, Bubble Machine, Plasma Lamp, and a plethora of other items.

That’s all for now. While you are here, read our guide on every Grappling Hook in this game.

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