In Terraria, players can meet or spawn a plentitude of NPCs who provide various services, which aid the player in their journey. You can only meet a majority of the NPCs by fulfilling certain criteria. With the help of this Terraria NPCs list, you can double-check which NPC you have met or spawned at your base and which have not.

Every NPC in Terraria and how you can meet them

Here is a complete list of NPCs that you can meet in Terraria and their specific requirements to spawn.

Pre-Hardmode Town Terraria NPCs

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  • Guide Start a New World.
  • Merchant – Earn 50 Silver Coins; In co-op, you need to still earn the same amount combined.
  • Nurse – Make sure that all of the player’s base health is greater than 100.
  • Demolitionist – Craft or get an explosive.
  • Dye Trader – Obtain any items that you can use to craft dyes.
  • Angler – Find and speak to him in the Ocean Biome.
  • Zoologist – Have at least 10% progress in the Bestiary.
  • Dryad – Defeat any boss (excluding King Slime and Wall of Flesh).
  • Painter – Acquire Old Man and Travelling Merchant plus six other NPCs.
  • Golfer – Find and speak to the Golfer in the Underground Desert.
  • Arms Dealer – Obtain bullets or any gun with a bullet ammo type in the game.
  • Tavernkeep – Beat Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu.
  • Stylist – Can be found entangled in a cobweb in the Spider Cave
  • Goblin Tinkerer – Defeat Goblin Invasion. Speak to the Goblin Tinkerer within the cavern layer.
  • Witch Doctor – Eliminate Queen Bee.
  • Clothier – Eliminate Skeltron.
  • Mechanic – Can be found in the dungeon’s cavern layer or after finding Clothier.
  • Party Girl – Is a very rare spawn rate of 2.5% after acquiring 14 Town NPCs (must include Old Man and Travelling Merchant).
  • Travelling Merchant – Requires two NPCs in town and randomly spawns between 4:30 AM to 12:00 PM.
  • Old Man – Visit the entrance to the dungeon (night).
  • Skeleton Merchant – Can be found as a random encounter in the caverns.

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Hardmode Town Terraria NPCs

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  • Wizard – Can be found within the Cavern Layer.
  • Tax Collector – Use a Purification Powder on Tortured Soul within the Underworld Biome.
  • Truffle – Build a base above the ground in the Glowing Mushroom Biome.
  • Pirate – Defeat Pirate Invasion.
  • Steampunker – Defeat any mechanical boss in Terraria.
  • Cyborg – Defeat Plantera.
  • Santa Claus – Defeat Frost Legion from December 15th to 31st.
  • Princess – Can be found after getting all town NPCs and ensuring that there is an empty house. Town pets and Santa Claus are not required.

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Town Pet Terraria NPCs

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  • Town Cat, Town Dog, Town Bunny – Get at least 10% in the Beastiary and buy respective licenses from Zoologist.

That’s every NPC that you can meet in Terraria. Although a few of them are rare, you can still meet them while you’re exploring the vast biomes in the game.

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