No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Native Dancer


No More Heroes III is a game filled with bad guys to defeat, but it is the bosses that give Travis a run for his money. These enemies are all extremely powerful, and going into these fights unprepared and without a proper strategy spells doom for our hero.

Here’s everything you need to know to take down the Native Dancer with ease.


The Native Dancer is the third boss you will have to face in the game, as you will be fighting him during Episode 3 – Memory. This nimble Ninja can give you quite a few troubles especially when he creates copies of himself, but using all the tools at your disposal properly will help you make it out of this fight alive.


The Native Dancer drops the Ninja Armor Kevlar and the Nightreaper Blade. The latter can only be obtained by defeating the boss in the Time Machine on Death difficulty.

How to Defeat Native Dancer

Time for Some Death Glove Skills

Death Glove Skills are extremely good in the fight against the Native Dancer, as they are a hard counter to many of his techniques. Use Death Rain when he creates multiple copies of himself to damage all of them at the same, and use Death Force to prevent him from wall running. Make sure to always have them on hand, so don’t use them when not needed. In case you do not have Death Rain on deck when he creates copies, you can also activate Full-Armor Mode to deal with them.


Native Dancer is susceptible to regular combos once caught, meaning that you can also use Wrestling Moves against him when stunned. Never miss an opportunity to do so, as you can deal a lot of damage to him and even recharge your Beam Katana.

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No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Native Dancer


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