What’s Full Armor Mode in No More Heroes III?

No More Heroes III

In No More Heroes III, Travis Touchdown has more than a few tricks up his sleeve to fight his enemies, including a special combat mode known as Full-Armor mode that allows him to unleash some powerful special attacks.

Here’s everything you need to know about this Full-Armor mode and which special attacks you can unleash during it.

How to Activate Full-Armor Mode

The ability to activate Full-Armor mode mostly depends on luck, as you need to match three 7 in the Slash Reel. Once you do, you can activate this powerful special mode at will by pressing L and R at any time during combat. If you win a battle without activating Full-Armor mode, you will be able to carry it into the next fight.

In Full-Armor mode, you can press the L and ZR button to unleash the Multi-missile attack, a devastating attack that automatically locks onto enemies.

How to Activate Full-Green Mode

Full-Green mode is a variant of Full-Armor mode that is unlocked after defeating Midori Midorikawa. To activate this special mode, you need to match three green 7s in the Slash Reel. If you have matched the regular 7s on the reel already, you will lose the ability to activate regular Full-Armor mode, so beware.

In Full-Green mode, Travis can unleash the Multi-missile attack by pressing the L button first and then the ZR button, and the teleporting Tiger Attack by pressing the R button.

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What’s Full Armor Mode in No More Heroes III?


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