Travis Touchdown is a badass hero that can obliterate all of his enemies with the help of his Beam Katana in No More Heroes III, but this doesn’t mean that swordplay techniques are the only ones he can use in battle. Once the right conditions are met, Travis can unleash powerful wrestling moves that not only deal a ton of damage but can also recharge the Beam Katana.

Here’s how to perform wrestling moves in No More Heroes III.

How to Perform Wrestling Moves in No More Heroes III

To perform wrestling moves in No More Heroes III, you will have to execute a perfect dodge first, and then tap the ZR button. Once this is done, you will see button prompts that are required to perform a wrestling move. Make sure to tap the ZR button and not hold it, as this may prevent Travis from executing the move.

Stronger wrestling moves require you to stun the enemy first. Once you do, you will have to tap the ZR button and follow the on-screen button prompts like for regular wrestling moves. All of the pro wrestling moves restore the Beam Katana’s power to the maximum, so they are extremely useful. To make them even more useful, you can equip select Death Glove Chips that increase the damage dealt by wrestling moves.

Learning to perform wrestling moves correctly will also help you quite a bit during one of the game’s boss battles. Gold Joe is extremely vulnerable to these moves, so practice your perfect dodges to take him out with ease.

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