No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Gold Joe


No More Heroes III, like the previous entries in the series, is a truly wacky game, and so pretty much everything it features comes with a little touch of madness that makes it quite engaging as well. The bosses that Travis has to take down are just as crazy as the rest of the game, so don’t be surprised that you will have to fight some rather peculiar individuals.

Here’s how to take down of these crazy bosses, Gold Joe.


Gold Joe is the second boss you will have to fight in No More Heroes III. He is fought at the end of Episode 02 – Space and you will have to learn how to use his magnetic powers against him to win without too many troubles.


Gold Joe drops the Gold Magnet and the Galactic Rolling Thunder Rainbow once defeated. He only drops the latter after getting defeated in the Time Machine on Death difficulty.

How to Defeat Gold Joe

So Magnetic!

Gold Joe’s unique magnetic powers allow him to switch between polarities to mess up your positioning and strategy. This, however, can be used to your own advantage: when Gold Joe’s polarity is Green, you won’t have to worry about him moving, but when he turns Red, match his Polarity by stepping on a red tile to push him to the fence. By doing this, you will be able to attack him with combos and Wrestling Moves.

Red Means Danger

Gold Joe’s Red Phase is the most dangerous of the phases he can shift into, as he can unleash, alongside his usual slashing attacks, laser attacks that can be a little unpredictable and so difficult to dodge. If you have managed to activate the Slash Reel and are ready to unleash Full-Armor or Mustang mode, do so when Gold Joe turns red to have an easier time.

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No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Gold Joe


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