No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Damon Riccitiello

No More Heroes III

At the end of his journey in No More Heroes III, Travis will have to take on the planet destroyer FU to save the world from annihilation, but this villain isn’t actually the final enemy Travis will have to take down. FU’s hatred for Travis and his desire to destroy Earth have been fuelled by Damon Riccitiello, a character that fans of the series should already know.

Here’s everything you need to know to take down Damon without too many troubles.


Having been severely beaten by Travis in Travis Strikes Again, Damon has harbored a deep hatred for our hero. Following the defeat of FU, he decides to come up in the open and complete the job both Henry and FU failed to in Episode 10 – Friends.


Damon drops the UtopiLand Blueprints and the Nova Rocket Fragment. The latter is only dropped when Damon is defeated in the Time Machine on Death Difficulty.

How to Defeat Damon Riccitiello

Go For 100%

If you ever played the Super Smash Bros. series, you will fight right at home fighting Damon, as you will have to damage him until he reaches 100%. On the other hand, you will be defeated if Damon manages to do the same.

As the battlefield is rather small, it doesn’t make much sense to dodge attacks, considering all of Damon’s techniques can be blocked. Make sure to keep an eye on your battery, though, as you may be out of energy for all the blocking you have to do and may not be able to take advantage of an opening.

Down B

The Death Kick and Death Force skills can be used to counter most of Damon’s attacks and interrupt him, so use them as much as possible to deal damage safely. You can also use Death Slow to slow Damon down and attack him with your Beam Katana. Just like in the Super Smash Bros. series, counters are very useful, so make the best of them!

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No More Heroes III: How to Defeat Damon Riccitiello


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