Nintendo Switch

Following the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo also confirmed that the regular Switch model is getting a hardware revision with improved features.

The new Nintendo Switch model, which will be released in mid-August in North America and Japan and sometime in September in Europe, is going to feature the same looks as the original model but improved battery life.

According to the Nintendo official website, battery life has been extended considerably, going from the current 2.5 to 6.5 hours to 4.5 to 9 hours of the new model.

The Nintendo website also confirms that the battery is actually the same, so at this point, it’s been pretty much confirmed that the new Switch uses the Mariko version of the Tegra X1 chip, the same one used in the Switch Lite.

As the new Nintendo Switch will look identical to the current model, the only way to tell the two apart will be through the serial number. The new model numbers will begin with XKW, while the old model numbers start with XAW.

The new Nintendo Switch model will release next month in North America and Japan and in September in Europe.


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