It’s time to once more look back at the week that we just left behind and make sure that you’re aware of the most important happenings in the mobile gaming world. Apart from the most important news that you need to know and most important game releases, we’ll also have a few other mobile gaming-related articles to share from our website and others.

It’s been a really big week for mobile gaming fans, with some big name announcements and game releases. Actually, there were so many news about so many great games, that you might’ve missed some – so we’re going to start with them today.

For example, did you know that Stardew Valley is finally coming to iOS soon? Jeremy has the scoop on this and we have all the reasons to be excited!

And if insanely relaxing games are not really your thing, there’s another big name mobile game approaching: Assassin’s Creed Rebellion. Francesco has all the details, so make sure you check out the article now.

If you’re still playing Pokemon GO, you’ll be very happy to hear that Sinnoh Pokemon are coming to the game, as Heavy reports. There’s at least one Legendary Pokemon coming with the upcoming update, which is always great news to diehard fans!

And if Pokemon is not your thing (anymore), that’s because you’re probably playing Grimvalor. I’m saying that because the title got Touch Arcade’s “Game of the Week” award and you can find out why here.

There was also a big game that launched last week and came out of nowhere, basically: Candy Crush Friends Saga. We’ve got some tips and tricks lined up already to help you get the most from the game, so don’t hesitate to check them out here.

And if you want to see where all the magic happens – when it comes to Candy Crush and other games created by King, you can read about Pocket Gamer’s visit to the mobile gaming developer’s studio in Stockholm. That’s how you keep your employees happy! And visitors too!

I also wrote a piece about one of my favorite PC gaming franchises: Heroes of Might and Magic. Actually, about games like HoMM that you can play on mobile. Make sure to check out the list – there are some really good titles waiting for you there!

And guess what! Halloween is coming! I’m sure you didn’t know that!

Well, the nice folks over at App Spy do and prepared an article to help you get your scare on this October: here are their top 5 horror mobile games to play this Halloween.

One of the games on the list is Corpse Party. Emily Sowden writes about it on 148Apps and tells you why she considers it the scariest mobile game ever. I haven’t personally played the game and it doesn’t seem like one that would love to try – especially since horror games are not my thing – but if you have a stronger heart than mine, you might want to give it a try.

And if you still think you don’t have enough horror games to play on your mobile, then definitely try Simulacra (pictured above). Campbell Bird tells you why this puzzle game that mixes “real” footage with fake apps and a solid story is so scary.

Now this is the type of horror game I can stomach: keeps the pressure constantly on without having you jump off your chair every 30 minutes, screaming and waking up your sleeping kid. Yup, that too happens sometime… a friend told me. Ahem.

It was indeed a really big week with a lot of movement in the mobile gaming world! But now you have all the important stories covered, in case you missed any. Until next week, keep your eyes on our website – there are a lot of goodies for you here!


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