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Hunting monsters in Monster Hunter Rise is all well and good, but these massive creatures aren’t the only living beings hunters can go after. All of the game’s locations feature tons of endemic life, smaller creatures that can be caught easily and that can be used in combat to heal, deal damage, and so on. With the introduction of Wirebugs, endemic life has reached a whole other level, as now these creatures can also be used for traversal, making hunting for them even more important than in previous entries in the series.

So, what kind of endemic life is available in Monster Hunter Rise and how can it be used in combat against bigger monsters? Let us find out

Please note that this guide is based on the Monster Hunter Rise demo available until the end of January. It will be updated with new information once the game releases in March.


The Antidobra is very hard to miss and very easy to catch. Using them is also the best way to fight poison, as not only it cures the status ailments but it also grants poison resistance for a short while.


Blastoads are back with a vengeance in Monster Hunter Rise. These small toads tend to explode when kicked, only that in Monster Hunter Rise you can finally catch them and use them as bombs. They do not deal a whole lot of damage, but they can be very helpful in a bind.


The Butterflame bug is a very useful creature that cannot be caught, but that can still provide some nice bonuses, as you can touch it to receive an attack power buff for a limited time.


The Clothfly bugs are pretty much a variant of the Butterflame bugs. They cannot be caught, but they can be touched to receive a temporary defense buff.


The Cuttefly is another bug that cannot be caught but that still provides a very nice bonus, especially if you like afflicting monsters with status ailments, as it increases Affinity for a short amount of time.


The Escuregot is sure to become your best friend on the battlefield over time, as these little snails can be used to heal damage. Perfect for when you are out of potions.


The Firebeetle may not pack a punch, but the fire damage that deals when used can make a difference, especially if you like fighting from long range.

Jewel Lillies

Jewel Lillies are not endemic life and grant no bonus or special effect, but you will still want to interact with them as soon as you find them, as they hide the Great Wirebug inside.


The Mudbeetle is exactly like the Firebeetle, only that it deals Mud damage instead of fire. Due to the Mud status effect, which slows down the target and increases Stamina consumption, it can be more useful, depending on the situation and the opponent’s resistances.


The Peepersects are quite useful in pretty much every combat situation, as they can be used to slow down stamina consuptions. The best friend for any hunter who uses heavy weapons.

Puppet Spider

The Puppet Spider is among the most useful endemic life available in Monster Hunter Rise, as it can be used to Wyvern Ride monsters if you are out of wirebugs.

Rock Lizard

The Rock Lizards cannot be caught in any way and they do not grant any buff, but interacting with them lets you get different materials that can be used to craft all sorts of useful gear.


Things do get stinky with the Stinkmink, as this weasel can be used to attract all nearby monsters, making it very easy to catch additional endemic life in preparation of a big fight.


Like the other beatles above, the Thunderbeetle can be caught and later used as a bomb to deal Thuderblight, which makes the afflicted monster more susceptible to stun.


Trapbugs are small bugs that can used as traps to make monsters flee. Just make sure to position them the right way, as they will only activate if the monster steps on them.


Wirebugs are among the most important endemic life in Monster Hunter Rise. You start every quest with two, but you can hold three if you manage to catch one in the field.

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Monster Hunter Rise Endemic Life Guide


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