Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter Rise playable demo is now finally available, and all Monster Hunter fans can start getting used to the new mechanics, such as Wyvern Riding and new traversal mechanics powered by the Wirebugs. So, what are these small insects and how can they be used to make monster hunting more fun than ever before? Let us find out.

Wirebug Abilities

Wirebugs grant the hunters in Monster Hunter Rise a slew of brand new abilities that fasten the pace of the series’ classic formula. Thanks to Wirebugs, it is possible to only to move between areas as if using a grappling hook, but also dash, dodge, and unleash special attacks with all 14 different weapon types.

Wirebug abilities are activated with different button combinations, and the actions themselves are different if you are on the ground or in the air. With the weapon sheathed, you can perform three different types of dashes: a front one pressing the ZL and A buttons, a diagonal one with the ZL and X buttons and a more precise forward dash by pressing ZL and ZR buttons.

As already mentioned, the Wirebug dash abilities can also be used in the air. Pressing ZL and A lets you stay in the air after a jump and perform a forward dash, pressing ZL and X lets you land diagonally toward the direction you are facing while pressing ZL, A and B lets you stay in the air and pick the direction you want to go.

The Wirebug also lets you recover quickly after being knocked down by pressing the ZL and B buttons, wall run, by pressing the ZL and X or A buttons, perform Silkbind Attacks with the ZL or R buttons for melee and ranged weapons respectively, and the X or A buttons.

Wirebug Usability

The Wirebug mechanics change the Monster Hunter Rise experience considerably, but do not think you will be able to fly around all the time with them, as their usability is limited. Using any Wirebug ability depletes a gauge a certain amount, which depends on the action performed. The gauge fills back up agains after a short while, so make sure to not waste it needlessly.

You also have a limited amount of Wirebugs at your disposal, as you can carry up to two. You can increase the number to three if you manage to catch one on the field.

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