Metroid Dread

The E.M.M.I. are among the most powerful enemies Samus will have to take down in Metroid Dread. Not only she needs a special weapon to take them down, but she also needs to stay out of their way as much as possible, since they can take her down with one single hit.

The Yellow E.M.M.I. is considerably more difficult to defeat than the ones encountered so far. Here are a few tips to make the fight a little easier.

How to Defeat the Yellow E.M.M.I. in Metroid Dread

The Yellow E.M.M.I. is located in the E.M.M.I. Zone in Dairon, and it will put up quite a fight. Not only it is capable of detecting Samus just as easily as the Green E.M.M.I. did, but it is also much faster, meaning that it is pretty much impossible to shake it off if it starts going after you. The only way to do so is getting out of the E.M.M.I. Zone altogether. To avoid detection as much as possible, you will need to use the Phantom Cloak ability a lot as well.

For the rest, the Yellow E.M.M.I. is taken down like every other one. Destroy the Central Unit in the area to activate the Omega Cannon, find a long corridor or path that gives you enough time to use the Omega Stream to destroy the armor and charge the Omega Cannon, and the powerful robot will become history. You will get the Speed Booster upgrade for your troubles, a very nice reward that will let you explore planet ZDR further.

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