Metroid Dread: How to Defeat the Green E.M.M.I.

Metroid Dread

Among the most annoying enemies Samus will have to take down in Metroid Dread during her time on planet ZDR are the E.M.M.I. These powerful robots guard certain areas of the planet, and to take them down, you will need powerful weaponry as well as a very solid strategy.

Here’s how to take down the Green E.M.M.I. without too many troubles.

How to Defeat the Green E.M.M.I. in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread

The Green E.M.M.I. is fought in the E.M.M.I. zone in Cataris, and it is a considerably tougher boss than the previous E.M.M.I., as it is capable to enter small pathways. As such, you will have to use the Phantom Cloak ability more often than usual, and avoid these small pathways yourself, since the E.M.M.I. can, and will, come after you.

As for the other E.M.M.I., you will need to destroy the Central Unit first to activate the Omega Cannon. Once you do, find a long corridor that will give you enough time to take down the armor with the Omega Stream and charge up the Omega Cannon. Like always, a single shot will do the job.

Upon defeat, the Green E.M.M.I. will drop the Morph Ball upgrade that will allow Samus to turn into a ball and further explore planet ZDR. Get ready to face more dangers, as the adventure is far from being over!

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Metroid Dread: How to Defeat the Green E.M.M.I.


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