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Metroid Dread: How to Get Morph Ball

Metroid Dread: How to Get Morph Ball
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Many are the special abilities that define Samus Aran, but very few of them are as iconic as the Morph Ball. Ever since the first entry in the series, Samus has been able to turn into a ball to navigate narrow passages and destroy unaware enemies with the signature bomb attack.

In Metroid Dread, Samus is still able to use the Morph Ball ability, but you will have to work for it, as she loses this ability at the very start of her journey on planet ZDR. Here’s where to find it.

How to Get the Morph Ball Upgrade in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread

The Morph Ball upgrade is one of the upgrades Samus needs to fully explore planet ZDR and escape it safely, so it cannot be missed. The upgrade is located in Cataris, and you will have to defeat the Green E.M.M.I. to unlock it. Enter the E.M.M.I. zone in the area, locate the Central Unit and defeat it to unlock the Omega Cannon, defeat the green robot and you will unlock the ability.

How to Use the Morph Ball Upgrade

The Morph Ball upgrade is used to navigate narrow paths or to activate a Morph Ball launcher. To use the ability, all you need to do is press down on the left stick twice or just press the ZL button. Right after getting the upgrade, you are not able to fight enemies while in Morph Ball, but once you unlock the Bomb upgrade, you will be able to leave destruction in your wake.

Interestingly enough, the Morph Ball has another use in Metroid Dread. In E.M.M.I. zones, you will often notice small gaps in walls that lead nowhere. If you enter these gaps while in Morph Ball form and use the Phantom Cloak ability, you will be able to avoid detection. Learn to use this in a bind, and no E.M.M.I. will be able to stand a chance against you.

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Metroid Dread: How to Get Morph Ball


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