Metroid Dread

During the course of Metroid Dread, Samus will unlock multiple upgrades that are not only required to further explore planet ZDR, but that also feel great to use. Among these abilities that feel great is the Speed Booster upgrade.

Here’s how to get this upgrade and how to use it.

How to Get Speed Booster in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread

The Speed Booster upgrade is obtained after defeating the Yellow E.M.M.I. in Dairon. Explore the E.M.M.I. zone in the area, find and destroy the Central Unit to activate the Omega Cannon, and use it to destroy the Yellow E.M.M.I. The robot comes with protection from the Omega Blaster, so use Omega Stream first to melt it down.

How to Use Speed Booster

The Speed Booster upgrade allows Samus to accelerate to very high speeds and destroy all enemies and Speed Blocks on her way. To use this upgrade, press the L stick whole running, and the ability will activate after a short while. You will need some space to do so, though, so it is not possible to use Speed Booster in areas where there isn’t enough space.

While using the Speed Booster ability, it’s possible to store its charge via the Shinespark ability. To do activate it, you need to press down on the left stick. Samus will have a shining aura surrounding her, meaning that she can accelerate horizontally or vertically at any time without having to activate Speed Booster. Shinespark can also be activated while in Morph Ball form to further explore planet ZDR and find all the secrets it hides.

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