M4 in Standoff 2 | Guide On the Best Weapon in the Game

m4 standoff 2 guide

Standoff 2 is an asymmetric mobile shooter from Axlebolt studio, inspired by the legendary Counter-Strike. The game for Android took the visual style, gameplay mechanics, and part of the inventory from that classic game.

With each update, the developers try to adjust the balance of weapons so that all rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns are effective. In this game, there is at least one machine gun suitable for shooting at close and long distances. In this guide, we’ll talk about the M4 in Standoff 2 and will tell you how to play with it.

How to Play With M4 In Standoff 2

The peculiarity of the M4 rifle is its versatility. You can attack opponents at a long and close distance, shoot through doors and other light covers. Thanks to mobility, you can easily deal with several slow enemies.

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If there are large open spaces on the map, take a comfortable shooting position with a view of the place where enemies should come from. It is very important to have cover nearby. In case there are a lot of enemies, you will have to hide and reload. Take advantage of the rate of fire, the accuracy of the shots, and the speed of aiming of M4 in Standoff 2.

When playing against snipers, focus on agility. It will be a little inconvenient for you to aim while moving, but the ability to move quickly will allow you to run from cover to cover and get close to snipers. Here their effectiveness drops to zero and you can easily kill him.


In this guide, we analyzed the characteristics of the M4 and gave some tactical advice on how to use it. Unlike the AKR, which is famous for its high recoil, this rifle is easy to control and use for long-range shooting. It has only one small drawback: during the firefights, you run out of ammo very quickly. However, if you are careful and use the M4 wisely, then you will get the biggest number of kills for sure.

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M4 in Standoff 2 | Guide On the Best Weapon in the Game


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