League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends Wild Rift has received its first-ever update of 2021, which brought new champions, plenty of new features, and skins. Since the game is still under the closed beta testing phase, only a few regions can access the game servers.

From the content perspective, Wild Rift’s first official ranked season has begun, and players can grab Glorious Tryndamere upon reaching the Gold tier as a reward. In addition to this, Riot has also added some handy features like the Party Finder, a new latency indicator, and a slew of other gameplay improvements.

Here’s a look at the complete patch notes of Wild Rift Patch 2.0 update.

League of Legends: Wild Rift 2.0 Patch Notes


Corki, The Daring Bombardier

Kennen, The Heart of the Tempest

Tristana, The Yordle Gunner

Lulu, The Fae Sorceress

Teemo, The Swift Scout

Image via Riot Games

New Features

  • Party Finder
  • Latency Indicators
  • Social Sharing
  • Map Description
  • Tutorial Optimization
  • Champion Mastery Emotes


  • Sad Robot Amumu
  • Urfrider Corki
  • Arcade Corki
  • Star Guardian Janna
  • Star Guardian Jinx
  • Arctic Ops Kennen
  • Star Guardian Lulu
  • Dragon Trainer Lulu
  • Star Guardian Lux
  • Cottontail Teemo
  • Guerilla Tristana
  • Arclight Varus
  • Little Devil Teemo
  • Little Demon Tristana
  • Wicked Lulu
  • Super Kennen
  • Star Guardian Ezreal

Free-To-Play Champion Rotation

1/7 – 1/131/14 – 1/20
FizzDr. Mundo
JhinJarvan IV
MalphiteMiss Fortune
SonaXin Zhao

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Game Systems

Ping Replies

Now you can let your teammates know you heard them with ping replies.

Dragon/Baron Respawn Timers

Spawn timers for epic monsters (Dragon and Baron Nashor) now display on the scoreboard. We’ve also made some minimap UI improvements.

Scoreboard Logic

No screen peeking! Enemy information on the scoreboard now updates only after players gain vision of enemies instead of in constant real-time.

New Emotes Wheel

You can now open the emotes wheel by holding down on your champ instead of clicking into the communications panel.

System Message UI

System messages no longer block players’ view of their own champion (i.e. failed surrender vote messages won’t obstruct vision during gameplay). Phew!

Detailed Stats

In the stats tab of the scoreboard, players can now see a more detailed breakdown of key stats, including exactly how much damage reduction (in percentage) their armor and magic resistance items provide, as well as the conversion from ability haste to cooldown reduction.

Tower Prioritization

Towers now prioritize targeting super minions over siege minions. Gotta take down those supers first.

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Season 1 Start

  • The first ranked season of Wild Rift will begin on Jan. 8, 2021. 
  • Every player who participated in season zero will receive some rewards when it ends. 


  • A new ‘Yordle Expedition’ event will soon be introduced to the game with five champions.

Other Notes

  • We’ve continued (and WILL continue) to tune the matchmaking system for better game quality and ranked experience.
  • The Leaderboard now updates every 10-15 minutes rather than every 24 hours.
  • We’ve made a few improvements to chat including better visual presentation for premade voice chat, improved Friends list filters, and some UX changes for social interactions.

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