In today’s article we will cover the best fighter champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift and help you pick the best one for you. Fighters can be quite fun to play, but some of them will require quite a bit of skill. Of course, not all of them need you to have a lot of knowledge about the game, since some fighters, like Garen who is also a tank, can be extremely easy to play.

But worry not – we’ll cover fighter champions fit for any playstyle, so no matter if you’re new or already have some knowledge about the game, you’ll find the best Wild Rift fighter for you down below.

These first few champions are some of the easiest to play, and if you can master them, they’ll help you rank up quite a bit, as they have plenty of carry potential. So, without further ado, here are the best fighter champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift!

The Best beginner-friendly Fighters in League of Legends: Wild Rift

A few of these champions, like Garen and Jax, could be always a great addition to any team. Their kit allows them to be tanky and provide utility in a number of ways, which means they’re both easy to play and extremely useful. So, make sure that if you’re a complete beginner, you try learning one of them as your very first:

– Garen (top laner)
– Jax (top laner or jungler)
– Xin Zhao (jungler)
– Dr Mundo (top laner, and in some cases jungler)
– Master Yi (jungler)
– Tryndamere (top laner)
– Vi (jungler)

The next champions are slightly more difficult to play, but not rocket-science difficult. If you position well and land your skillshots, you can definitely make do with these mid-difficulty champions:

– Nasus (top laner)
– Jarvan IV (jungler)
– Shyvana (jungler)
– Graves (jungler)

The next champions are some of the most difficult to play, with maybe the exception of Olaf. Olaf falls somewhere in between mid to high difficulty because you really need to land your axe and position well in team fights (and not only). But either way, these are some of the most difficult champions to play in Wild Rift, and I wouldn’t recommend them to a complete beginner.

– Yasuo (mid lane or top lane)
– Fiora (top lane)
– Camille (top lane)
– Olaf (jungler)
– Lee Sin (jungler)

The Best Fighters in League of Legends: Wild Rift

The champions below are some of the most powerful in-game, but they might require quite a bit of skill. They have the ability to solo-carry games, and pretty much win most of the fights on their own, if they are ahead. If they have a strong team behind, they can bring a lot more to the table. Here are the absolute best fighters in League of Legends: Wild Rift:

– Jax
– Fiora
– Camille
– Lee Sin
– Yasuo
– Graves
– Tryndamere

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