Is BitLife For Kids? – BitLife Kids Warning Guide


BitLife from Candywriter is a text simulation game where players can play through a whole virtual life. The player makes decisions on the education, social life, and romantic life their virtual person has, making good and bad choices along the way. The aim of the game is entirely up to the person playing, and whether they live a wholesome life or a life of crime is down to what life path they take and decisions made. The fact this game contains a lot of real life situations means parents may want to consider the question: is BitLife for kids? – BitLife kids warning guide.

Bitlife Kids Warning Guide

Like many apps available in the App Store or Google Play, it is down to each individual user whether they want to download it. It is also down to the individual to check out what the app entails before deciding on its suitability. Parents will need to double check age ratings of apps before letting their child download and play. Again, this is down to each individual to judge if their child is mature enough for certain games and apps.

drugs bitlife
Drugs in BitLife (via Candywriter)

BitLife is rated 17+ in the App Store. This means it has content that is potentially unsuitable for users aged under 17 years old. This is down to the game portraying real life situations and experiences, some of which are pretty gritty and adult.

Sex, drugs, and crime feature heavily (depending on what choices the player makes for their character), as well as somewhat milder issues like truancy and childhood bullying. These themes are what makes this game for specifically older teen and adults.

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Crime in BitLife (via Candywriter)

Many parents on discussion boards online have agreed that teens aged 15 upward could get away with playing this game, depending on the maturity of the child in question. Of course it really is down to the parent to decide if these themes are too adult for their own kid, especially since it is purely text and no images are shown.

It may be useful to know that Candywriter’s other BitLife games – DogLife and CatLife – have the same age rating because of mature content. Our advice is to check out games and apps first before allowing your child to play, including looking at the official rating.

BitLife is available to play on IOS and Android.

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Is BitLife For Kids? – BitLife Kids Warning Guide


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