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BitLife: How to Do the Ferris Bueller Challenge | Tips and Cheats

BitLife: How to Do the Ferris Bueller Challenge | Tips and Cheats

The classic teen comedy hit Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is remembered as one of the greatest films of the 80’s, and BitLife is honoring the movie by launching a new challenge based off of the movie! Players get the chance to reenact the iconic life of Ferris Bueller himself in this fun new challenge.

To complete this challenge players must go through their teenage years like Ferris Bueller did, and we’ll lay out all of the steps below in our BitLife tips and cheats guide on how to do the Ferris Bueller Challenge!

Start your Life in Chicago

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is set in a suburban Chicago neighborhood, so this is where you should choose to start your life as well. Set your gender to male and choose Chicago, United States as your hometown.

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Get the Girl

For the next challenge you’ll need to date a female classmate. This part is pretty easy to do – just look through your classmate lists, find the girl that has the highest relationship with you, and then just hang out with her.

Give her compliments and spend lots of time with her to increase the relationship meter. When it’s full you can ask her out and hopefully she’ll say yes, at which point this part is clear and you can move on.

If you get turned down, spend some more time with her and try again later. Improving your smarts and looks will help as well, so make sure not to neglect your studies too much and hit the gym once in a while.

Get into Trouble at School

To truly get the full Ferris Bueller experience, you need to be outrageously smart and clever… for all the wrong reasons! Just like in the movie, you’ll need to skip school at least once throughout this life.

Just keep aging throughout your early years and eventually you’ll get an event that gives you the opportunity to skip school. You only have to do it once for the challenge, but go ahead and do it more so it makes you a prime target for the school officials, which is helpful for the next challenge.

The next step to complete is to insult the principal of your school directly. This is very simple to do if you are a Bitizen as it gives you the option to confront the principal directly, but don’t worry if you’re not – you can still complete this part.

All you need to do is just be a little brat in school – help your friends cheat on tests, rat people out, bully classmates, fight classmates that try to pick on you, and so forth. The more chaos you cause, the better chance you’ll be sent to see the principal.

Once you do get to the principal’s office, you’ll have the option to go peacefully or insult the principal, so you know what to do!

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Grand Theft Auto

The final challenge – and perhaps the hardest – is to successfully steal a car!

To initiate the hijack, go to Activities then go to the Crime section, where you’ll find the option to steal a car. You’ll be asked what kind of car you want to steal, but it doesn’t matter for the challenge so go ahead and pick whatever.

This is all random chance so just keep at it until you are successful. You’ll be sent to juvenile hall if you’re caught which only takes a little while, so don’t worry if this happens.

Congratulations – if you’ve followed the guide to the T, you should have now completed all of the mystery objectives for the Ferris Bueller challenge!

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BitLife: How to Do the Ferris Bueller Challenge | Tips and Cheats


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