The latest update released for BitLife: Life Simulator brought the dark side to the game. Your character can now perform crime during their life and, as a result, they will most likely end up in prison. But you can also attempt to escape from Jail in Bitlife and we’re here to help you with everything related to that!

So in today’s article, we’re focusing completely on a life of crime and how to make that jail time a bit more pleasant. Also, we’re going to share some tips and tricks on how to escape from jail – if that’s an option you’re willing to try. If you want my advice – you’d better not do it, but it’s your choice and (virtual) life we’re talking about.

Let’s start with the more straightforward part of today’s guide: some Bitlife Crime tips and tricks and overall details! (If you want to get straight to the getting out of jail in the game, scroll down past the crime overview – although I’d say it’s fun).

First of all, if you want to live like a villain, you have all the options that you had before the update hit the game: you should do all sort of evil things when chances arise. This usually means that you should assault or at least insult back people who bother you (or are bothered by you) – this might result in you getting in prison, or just failing miserably. But if you want to live like a criminal, you have to act like one no matter the risks.

But, following the latest update, you actually have the option to commit crime right from the main menu. This is an activity you can perform each year, like a regular activity. However, right now your options are quite limited, but hopefully a lot more variety will be brought into the game with future updates.

Right now, you only have one option for committing serious crime in BitLife: Life Simulator (UPDATE: new crime option added – Grand Theft Auto and we have a guide here):

Now, ending someone’s life with an “Atomic Wedgie” can’t be skipped (only when doing it in a game, kids!), so I chose that. I even got away with it, which was unexpected since I wanted to get in jail:

I also decided that my character should get a job that makes you think about criminals and horror movies… and get some practice for something serious:

Then, I decided to give it one more try. This time, I said I should choose something a bit more traditional and a total stranger:

Despite my qualifications as a butcher, I just couldn’t do it this time and ended up with a sentence of 40 years in prison. I also lost my job as a butcher… but fortunately, my girlfriend decided to stick to my side for a few more years:

But I was in prison and the only reason why I decided to get there was because I wanted to attempt to escape from jail. And we’ll talk about this in a bit!

But first, to round things up with the crime life in BitLife: Life Simulator, as you can see, the options are really limited here. You have a single option and it’s as serious as it gets. As you saw in my example above, you might get away with it – but chances are you’ll just end up with a 40 years (or more) prison sentence.

Bitlife: How to escape from jail?

You have a bit of hope if you don’t want to wait for 40 years to just pass… you can try to escape jail in Bitlife and now you can do that by completing an extremely difficult mini-game like the one below:

Or this one:

You get the idea. The thing is that I consider it impossible to escape from jail and even though I had almost 40 in-game years to try escaping (did it once per year), the closest I got to actually escaping was this:

So I would really say that it is impossible to escape from jail in BitLife right now. The mini-game is insanely difficult and the guard is extremely smart.

I did my best, moved around, lured the guard in various places and tried to make a run for it, but it just didn’t work. The dude knows where to stay and would never make a wrong move.

So even though the concept is this: lure the guard away and patiently move towards the exit, I wasn’t able to do it. I would be really curious to hear from someone who managed to escape from jail in BitLife, because as of today, I think it’s impossible.

Every failed escape attempt will also add 2 more years of jail time to your character. So unless you were like poor Jack Burton (my in-game villain) and had to wait for 40 years before going out, it probably is not worth the risk to even try it. It’s best to just wait for the time to go away, be a good boy and you’ll be out. Not as fun, for sure, so it’s your choice!

However, I am really sad that I wasn’t able to escape from jail because I was very curious what happens afterwards. I think I won’t be able to go get my Butcher job back and I can’t live a normal life, living in my comfy home and driving my old car… so probably the life after escaping from jail would be like a rollercoaster adventure: and this is why I kept trying to escape. But I failed:

Well, at least it was fun. And now you also know everything there is to be known about living the life of a criminal in BitLife: Life Simulator and how to escape from jail (you can’t right now).

Also, if you want to know more about this awesome’s game mechanics, make sure to read our previous articles: the tips & tricks guide, our tips on how to legally make more money in the game, how to get smart and look better, and finally our latest guide to ribbons.

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  1. I’ve escaped jail twice. Nothing really happens, but you don’t have that many job options, and it’s impossible to emigrate, and theres a chance that the police can catch you again and bring you back to jail. So if you do escape jail, lay low and don’t commit anymore crimes.

  2. I’ve escaped many times because there are two specific layouts which I know how to escape from. Essentially you have to trap the guard somewhere where he can’t move and then go

    • me too! all in one life! however, when i tried to emigrate i eventually got caught and got 1982 years in prison from all of the escapes and murders i had. i love the escape jail mini game it’s like a little puzzle and i find it pretty easy for the most part.

  3. only one of the puzzles i cant solve and ive gotten it but forgot how to do it but i can escape all the others and have done it at least 100 times

  4. Really simple, lure the guard to somewhere where there’s like 3 walls and carefully walk out, if you’re in his vision (vertical or horizontal to him) you’re probably gonna be caught but usually u can stick him behind a wall and slowly back off; just takes a bit of mindpowet

  5. It is actually possible to escape, you have to pay attention to the officers blind spot, the way he moves, and try and train him as best you can by luring him

  6. is it bad thing i can escape like all the jail mini games except for about 2? earned the houdini badge in one life with that and summed up a lot of years in another oops


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