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How to Get Money in BitLife & How to Get a Job that You Want

How to Get Money in BitLife & How to Get a Job that You Want
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One of the best text-based life sims out there, BitLife – Life Simulator offers you complete freedom to play exactly as you want. However, it doesn’t make everything easy of you – on the contrary! It’s difficult to get money in BitLife, just as it is in real life, while getting the job you really want requires a bit of planning and work.

But you can get both in the game and live a happy, long life. You will have to first follow the tips and tricks that we shared and you’ll do just fine.

But if you want to go a bit deeper in terms of strategy, today we’re talking about two important aspects in the game that usually go hand in hand (unless you win the lottery): How to get more money in BitLife and How to get a job in BitLife. So let’s get this started, one thing at a time.

How to get a job in BitLife – Life Simulator

As I was saying, unless you win the lottery in BitLife (which is completely random – but the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have), you need to get a really good job in order to make a lot of money. There’s really no other way around this, so preparing for landing that awesome job is what you should focus on if you want to be filthy rich in the game.

So the first thing you should do is to start planning for your future career since your childhood days. Early on, there’s not much you can do anyways, so make sure you study hard when you get to school. Also take care of your health and looks by doing the Mind & Spirit activities each year.

This means that you should always be hitting the gym (ask your parents for money!) and meditating – the latter is free. Go to the library as well in order to keep your smarts up.

By doing this every year while in school and studying hard as well, you increase your chances of grabbing a scholarship (goodbye college loans!) and, later on in life, grabbing those high paying jobs that require you to be very smart.

Picking your major is extremely important when it comes to getting a job in BitLife – and one that pays well. Go for the fancy stuff, like a medical career, go for anything related to acting or political careers… basically any option that you have and sounds like a lot of money can be made there is a good choice!

Of course, you don’t have to become the president of the country (not sure that’s possible, by the way!) in order to get a job that pays well. You don’t even have to complete college, as I found out the hard way in my first game that I played.

You see – I did everything by the book. I was about to become the best nurse in the world and live a happy life with my lawyer husband and our 4 kids. But love went into the way and during my first year of college I fell in love with a 16 yo guy. I was 20. I ended up spending 6 months in jail and I was kicked out of college.

So I did whatever I could and got a job as an exotic dancer, since no other potentially high paying job was available. But my career went sky-high and I was active until 60 or so (maybe even more), ending up with millions in my bank account and leaving the crazy, fun life. No lawyer husband and no 4 kids in a quiet life, but fun nevertheless.

But probably that’s not always going to happen and you’ll have to study hard in order to get a well paying job. Get some experience first because you can’t become a superstar as soon as you get out of college (at least not always). Climb up the ranks, ask for raises and find better jobs. This is how life is – both in the game and out there.

How to make more money in BitLife – Life Simulator

As I was saying, making more money is directly tied to the job you have in BitLife. A better paying job helps you amass a fortune faster, but there are a few other tricks that you should try constantly in order to increase your fortunes:

– ask for money from your parents. It doesn’t matter that you’re 50 and they 70, they will still give you some money if you’re nice to them!

– try to sell your properties. This means that you should buy early and try to sell yearly. Remember how much you paid for your house, and if you get a nice profit – sell. Easy to do each year and can give you massive profits. If not, at least you’ll end up with a ton of houses on your name (and VERY happy children when you’re dead).

– play the lottery. I keep saying this. Do it early, but many tickets. You will win!

– find a better country to live in. You won’t always be born in the Land of Dreams, and you can end up digging in dirt in a third-world country. Therefore, try to become an immigrant as soon as possible in order to increase your potential earnings

– marry a millionaire! Look for the money value of a potential date and only stick to those who have a lot of money. If they die before you do, you will inherit their nice fortune and you’ll also have a positive cash flow each month, no matter what. Even more, if you catch them cheating (or doing something bad like beating you or whatnot), you can divorce them and get half of their money early.

– As an opposite, be a good person and don’t give your spouse a reason to divorce you – they will get half of your belongings if that happens. Also, be a nice person and don’t get into fights or anything shady. Play it safe!

– Don’t quit your job. If they don’t fire you, don’t leave, especially if you’re making a ton of money. I was an exotic dancer in my 60 and one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made was to quit my job and retire. There were no retirement benefits paid, apparently and I soon(ish) burned through my entire fortune.

Do you know other tips and tricks on how to get more money in BitLife – Life Simulator? Or maybe how to score those great paying jobs? Let us all know by commenting below!

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How to Get Money in BitLife & How to Get a Job that You Want


      • yeah, you don’t need to drop out of any level of schooling :)) I agree, i think you just need high looks, which can be achieved by going to the gym yearly and plastic surgery. Just a warning though: if you have the choice between $600 surgery and $4,000 go for the $4,000 or else you might have a botched surgery, which would result in major damage to your looks percentange. Sorry, this is so long :(

  1. One time I became a brain surgeon and I was getting paid $951,000 per year and ended up with a net worth of 23 million lol. Be a brain surgeon.

    • YES, same! I just was a brain surgeon and I made freaking millions.
      If you want to be a brain surgeon:
      Stay in elementary and high school
      Apply to university in the major biology
      Study as hard as you can!!
      Go to community college, and then try to apply again. You might snag a spot!!
      Study as hard as you possibly can by clicking “study harder” every year.
      Once completed university you MUST apply to medical school to pursue the career of: Brain Surgeon. Study hard, keep your smarts up, and hopefully you will be accepted into the position.
      Once you have become a successful brain surgeon you can sit back and relax, because you’ll surely be loaded. My salary actually went from 250,000 to around 960,000 dollars! Lit, right? Also note: you will be fired once you hit the age of 80 so I suggest you retire before you are fired.

      • oh yeah also someone pleaseee tell me if i’m incorrect on any of these points! Jonathan, what was your experience?
        (AH-ZEN-ARE-AH-LAKE-UH) my name can be difficult :’(

      • So I just got the game today and got Brain Surgeon on my first game. I lived to 117 yo with HIV, and was a surgeon until 100. Then they fired me. I must’ve been playing way too diligently for the games intention lmao

    • Lead Actor I 3.7 million per year.(never stop getting promotions which means more $$$$)
      P**n director: 2.7mil (caps out at 2.7)
      My net worth with actor was 209 million

    • Jay:
      yeah I’ve experienced that too. The only time I have actually gotten a settlemet for a divorce was when my partner refused to immagrate to Peru with me. You only get money if your partner leaves you, i believe, but someone PLEASE correct me of i am wrong, don’t be shy ;))

  2. Good way to make money faster: flip houses.
    Once you have enough money in bank for at least a 200k house buy one cash. As you save more and more money buy more and more houses. You gain equity every year. Sell off your lower priced real estate and upgrade to more expensive ones. Got to a point where I was buying/selling houses in the 20mil range

  3. I usually stick with one spouse/ signicant other until they die, and then only date those with really high money “bars”, and then immediately marry them, they all always say yes, and then age once. They marriage keeps me happy, even if my husband just died, and i get the inheritance. Ive reached 18.9 mil net worth like this, and its seriously very easy

  4. The best paying job I ever had was as a p**n director, making over 2,500,000. I had all the plastic surgery I could and became a p**nstar and every few years applied to a higher paying position. Also, buy houses when you’re young, they increase interest pretty well. And finally, you can now use the dating app and marry a rich old person when you’re young, and when they die you inevitably inherit their money. Hope this helps!

  5. If you get an ailment that cannot be cured by medical doctors, GO TO THE ACUPUNCTURIST or HOMEOPATHIC DOCTORS!!! Sometimes it may be in conjunction with the medial doctor, and it may take going a few years in a row, but I’ve been cured of migraines, cancer, arthritis, depression and anxiety by seeking alternative medical attention (not the witch doctor—higher risk of complications or death).

    Also, to be a lawyer, study Political Science, study your arse off, go to graduate school, study your arse off some more, keep going to the library and meditating, then apply for law school. I was a MAGISTRATE JUDGE!!!

  6. I was once a female writer from Iran, came from a poor family, but slowly went from 23k a year, to 65k a yr, to a 139.9% salary increase that eventually increase my in come to 1,556,385$ a yr. I became a very famous writer. Trick? began writing at the earliest age and the rest was pure luck, ended with a net worth of 28 million.


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