The amazing BitLife: Life Simulator just received a brand new update with a bunch of nice new features, including the introduction of Ribbons in the game. And I am here to share with you a complete guide to the BitLife Ribbons, as well as how to get them all.

[UPDATE] If you are looking for the newly released ribbons from the December update, we have the guide to them here. Original article follows below, with details for the first 11 ribbons available to unlock.

These ribbons can be considered achievements in the game, as they reward you for the way you live your life. Some are very difficult to get, while others are extremely simple to get. But in today’s article, we’re going to cover them all in our complete guide to ribbons in BitLife: Life Simulator.

There are currently (just) 11 ribbons that you can unlock. Have in mind that you can only get 1 ribbon per life, even if you somehow end up meeting the requirements for getting more. You never know what ribbon you’re getting until your character’s life is finally over. Even more, these ribbons don’t influence the game in any way afterwards and there’s no list that you can check out to see what ribbons you have unlocked.

A way to keep track of your ribbons is to select the “Haunt this game” option when your character in Bitlife dies, which will save the grave stone in the Cemetery. That’s where you will see in the top bar an announcement regarding the number of ribbons you have unlocked and browsing through the grave stones, you can see the ribbons themselves.

With these in mind, let’s see how to unlock all ribbons in BitLife: Life Simulator!

Lazy: This is probably the easiest one to get and my first ribbon in the game. All you have to do is to keep tapping the “Age” button until your character passes away. You don’t really have to do anything in particular but leave a completely uninteresting life, where you did absolutely nothing.

Fertile: Another easy one to get. All you have to do is have at least 4 children in BitLife. Start early!

Wasteful: Extremely easy to get. Just tap the “Activities” button, then scroll all the way to the bottom and choose “End Life”. You can do this immediately after starting a game.

Rich: Another relatively easy one to get if you follow my tips to get money in the game (you’ll find the link at the bottom of this article). In order to unlock this ribbon, you will need to have a networth of at least 2.5 million.

Unlucky: You have no control over this, but it does happen every several playthroughs. You unlock this when you die very young because of a disease. Some say that if you die in an accident (like car crash) or of a terminal illness at any age, you still unlock it – need confirmation from you guys in the comment section if it’s indeed true.

Mediocre: A bit difficult to differentiate from Lazy. You will generally have to go through life without caring much about things, and being… well… mediocre. Try to ignore all potential conflicts, don’t try anything exciting, follow a mediocre job (with a lower salary) and don’t do anything particularly good or evil. Try to simply keep your character in a very boring life, but without simply tapping the “Age” button randomly.

Academic: Somewhat the opposite of Mediocre, in order to get this you have to focus a lot on studying, so study hard each year in school, complete the college and keep your smarts high during the game, following a job that takes advantage of those smarts!

Lustful: Relatively easy to get, especially if you have the looks. Have as many hook-ups as possible when the chance arises and you’ll get this one when your life ends.

Scandalous: Be an evil person, always starting fights, spending your years in prison and doing evil stuff whenever you have the chance.

Hero: The opposite of Scandalous, you’ll have to be a very good person in order to get this one. Forgive people, help them and have high karma here. Getting a job in the military apparently helps a lot if you want to get this ribbon in BitLife. Also being a doctor or nurse.

Loaded: A really difficult one to get, as you need to end your life with at least $20 million net worth. (Thanks, Pearl and Riley for commenting and confirming the lower value – initially, I thought you need over $30 million). Additional comments here show that you actually can get this even with a networth of over $1 million!

And this would be it – these are all the ribbons you can get in BitLife: Life Simulator, as well as how to get them. If you have additional information about any of them, don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.

Also, we have a bunch of other extremely helpful guides written for this awesome game – make sure to check them out if you need help: our general tips and tricks are here; you can read about getting more money in the game here, and a guide on how to improve your looks and smarts here. All these guides will definitely help you get those ribbons faster!

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    • Are you trying to get it immediately after starting a new life? Because otherwise you might be getting a different ribbon and you can only receive one per life…

      • That happened to me too. As soon as I’m born I end the life and it says that it was wasteful. When I go into the cemetery it doesn’t even have the life there.

        • Probably because you didn’t save the life… either way, if you had checked the number of unlocked ribbons at the top in the cemetery, you would’ve seen it increase by 1. So you got it and the game recorded it… it’s just no way for you to check it out :) Maybe do it again and select the option to “haunt” the game when finished will solve the problem.

  1. For hero, you can also get it by dying trying to save somebody. For example, my character died while trying to break up a knife fight, and I got that ribbon.

  2. Okay but i got The loaded on one my first life. Actually not trying to brag im just saying, i worked as a writer so maybe try writing if You’re trying to get that achievement

  3. When I tried to get the lazy ribbon, I gotten the stupid ribbon! I guess you get it by having your smart stat really low, do almost the same thing as the lazy ribbon!

  4. I got Geriatric. (Type of BitLife ribbon)
    Name: Parker Turner
    Died: April 5, 2019
    I aged to 121 years old.
    Residence: Dallas, United States.
    My net worth was 3,342,717.
    Education: University
    Career: Midwife
    Lovers: 2

    Death: Passed away peacefully in her sleep. No one attended her funeral. (Sad) :/


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