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BitLife: December Ribbons – How to Unlock the New Ribbons in the Game

BitLife: December Ribbons – How to Unlock the New Ribbons in the Game

There are 14 new ribbons to aim for in BitLife: Life Simulator thanks to the latest Christmas update launched earlier in December. You’re probable wondering how to unlock these new ribbons in BitLife, and we’re here to tell you exactly what you need to do to get each of them. And it will surely be as fun as ever!

Remember, we have already published a guide to unlocking the first 11 ribbons in the game – make sure to check that out as well if you still have some of the original ones left unlocked.

But if you have them all, we should waste no time and see below how to unlock the new December ribbons in BitLife: Life Simulator!

Remember! If you want to keep track of the ribbons you have unlocked and not see just their numbers, you will have to select the “Haunt this game” option when your character dies in order to save the funeral stone, together with the attached ribbon. This makes it a lot easier to know what you have and what is left for you to unlock.

New BitLife Ribbon: Addict
This one is really simple to get. All you have to do is try all the alcoholic drinks that are offered to you during your life, or try drugs until you become addicted to one or more. Don’t go to rehab to get rid of your addiction and you’ll get this ribbon.

This one is really difficult to get: In order to unlock it, you will have to not only escape from jail, but also make sure that you are not caught until your life is over. I am thinking about trying to commit suicide a year after escaping from jail in order to maybe glitch-get this ribbon, but I am not sure it will work, it’s risky.

In order to get the ribbon, check out our guide to escaping from jail in BitLife, then keep a low profile and never be caught again. I found out that the easiest thing to do to prevent you from getting caught is getting a gender changing surgery and not getting a job. If you don’t have the money and you need a job, get something very low profile and low paying.

To get this ribbon, you will have to commit at least two murders in your life. This might be difficult since the first one will get you in jail almost inevitably (if it doesn’t, it is easy to get it).

But even if you are in jail you can still fight other inmates when there’s a chance and start riots and such and you might end up getting your second after an incident. Or you can try getting out of jail to do it again once in the wild.

Become a super star, by getting an acting job (in any industry). Make sure to post a lot on social media and get tons of followers, but try to keep your overall net worth low in order to get the loaded ribbon.

This is a bit more difficult to be done than it sounds, but you should be able to waste a lot of money by buying tons of expensive cars early on (as their value decreases) and take any opportunity you have to waste money.

Live a long, happy life and get over 100 years with your bitizen. In order to get this ribbon, always look at your health and meditate, never risking anything. Keep an eye on your net worth as well and keep it under control not to get the Rich or Loaded instead!

Travel a lot, without having a ton of money, though. Visit as many countries as possible during your lifetime. Some say that emigrating also helps, but if you’re able to travel a lot to many different countries, you should get it without a problem.

In order to get this ribbon, you will have to choose the job of a mobile game developer as your career. In order to do this, get high smarts and follow a degree in computer science. Then aim for this job and look at your Employee names too!

High Roller
Gamble a lot of money, but also win big every now and then. Bets of tens of thousands or hundreds or dollars will be required here.

This one is relatively simple to get: simply escape from jail (and escape again if you are caught).

As the name suggests, this is another prison-themed ribbon in BitLife. In order to get it, you will have to spend many years (most of your life) in prison. Make sure to get there for assault or other non-deadly crimes in order to get this ribbon and not another. Then try to escape and fail or incite riots once inside in order to get longer sentences.

The name is also pretty self-explanatory here. Live the life of a party boy or girl, going to the club often and having huge parties at home once the club is not an option anymore (or even when it is). Try all drinks that are offered and even drugs, but immediately go to rehab if you get addicted. You should also get into arguments with other people, but not fight them.

Keep your smarts low and make stupid choices in life. Don’t focus on learning, drop out of high school and don’t go to college.

This one is really difficult to get, since it’s a close call with other ribbons from the first batch. I would say that you would have to basically live the generic, suburban life. Have a family, a stable job – but nothing too spectacular, have some money put aside and travel a bit, make good choices in life and be a good person generally.

There are multiple ways to get this ribbon… and all are wicked. One of the easiest ways is to keep your looks really high and marry a person that is much older than you, then cheat on them constantly. Also, getting an STD and passing it over to other lovers will do the trick, as it will having a lot of threesomes during your life.

These would be the new ribbons in BitLife: Life Simulator and how to get them. If you manage to find alternative ways to get any of these ribbons, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!

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BitLife: December Ribbons – How to Unlock the New Ribbons in the Game


  1. Probably the easiest way to get the cunning ribbon is to wait most of your life, don’t do anything too remarkable, and then commit a crime late in life so after you escape, you can have a sex change and wait to die before they can catch you.

  2. weird. ive been getting the successful badge EVERY TIME i play it- you simply need a net worth of over 100,000. really simple and i got fed up so looked here

  3. For the successful ribbon it helps to get promoted a lot in a job. I would suggest a military job considering they have lots a ranks and it’s easier to get a promotion.


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