Desperado Class in COD Mobile is available now.

The newly added Battle Royale class, the Desperado, has finally been made available to the Call of Duty: Mobile. You’ve probably heard about it at the time of season one launch. However, there was no way to unlock the Desperado class at that time. But with the latest COD Mobile community update, players can get their hands on it via the new Desperado event.

Before moving forward, it’s better to understand about the abilities being offered by the latest Call of Duty: Mobile class. Desperado comes with two abilities – Gadget & Passive.

The gadget is Shield Turret, which provides unlimited ammo and unleashes a rain of bullets on the enemies. The turret provides protection, but opponents will quickly find the vulnerabilities in that defensive shield.

Whereas its passive ability is called the Last Stand. With the Last Stand, you’ll pull out a pistol when you are downed. If you manage to take out an enemy in this state, then you’ll revive yourself. 

How to get Desperado class in Call of Duty: Mobile?

COD Mobile’s Desperado BR Class

The Desperado Class can be unlocked by collecting 120 points from the new Call of Duty: Mobile Desperado event. Players can earn these points by completing the missions and challenges of the events.

Here’s the list of missions listed in the game:

  • Ride 100 meters in BR with Snowboard. (10 points)
  • Survive in battle Royale for 20 min. (10 points)
  • Enter the top 20 in Battle Royale 2 times. (10 points)
  • Heal 1000 points in Battle Royale. (20 points)
  • Use Hacker BR class in BR 5 times. (10 points)
  • Use armour plater to repair your vest in BR 5 times. (10 points)
  • Play 3 BR matches with friends. (20 points)
  • Kill 10 enemies with Assault Rifles in Battle Royale. (20 points)
  • Open Weapon Supply Boxes 5 times. (10 points)
  • Pickup an epic weapon in Battle Royale 5 times. (10 points)
  • Deal 2000 damage in Battle Royale. (10 points)
Desperado Event

After completing each mission, a specific amount of points will be credited to the players’ account. One can also track the progress by heading over to the Featured events section in the Call of Duty: Mobile.

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