Call of Duty Mobile: Ultimate Guide – Tips & Cheats to Become the Best

Call of Duty Mobile is finally here and it’s truly amazing, that’s a fact! And if you want to make sure that you keep on winning and become one of the best players out there, make sure to check out out Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks below!

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In today’s guide, we’re going to cover everything related to Call of Duty Mobile – from the gameplay basics to more advanced tactics and strategies, so that you unlock all weapons faster, create the perfect loadout for your character and always end the game as the most valuable player.

Things will be somewhat easier for those who have played CoD games before, but since the mobile experience is definitely different than the console ones, you should still check out our ultimate guide to Call of Duty Mobile below!

A few words about the game’s interface

Call of Duty Mobile has what I would call a regular interface for first person shooters on mobile. However, for those of you who are used with playing on a console, some of the things that you can do in the game might seem hidden. So let’s take a loot at the game’s interface a bit!

Tap the upper left corner (where your profile icon is) to see your player profile, rewards, achievements and other stats.

That is where you can select the achievements and medals to display and also opt for or against showing your player data to other players. These things are purely cosmetic and they have no influence over the core game itself.

Also from the main menu, on the left side under your profile, you have the details about various in-game events, special offers and the in-game store. Make sure to constantly keep an eye on that as you will most likely have lots of rewards to collect from there.

The bottom part of the screen, as well as the right sides are pretty self-explanatory, allowing you to navigate to your Loadout and see various leaderboards, select a game mode (currently Multiplayer and Battle Royale are available only).

An important part of the interface is the upper part of the screen, towards the right, where you have the cogwheel. That’s where the game’s settings are, and they can make a difference in the game itself – so spend some time tweaking that (or read on to find out what to do in order to get the most in each game).

Simple mode vs Advanced mode (best controls)

The first thing that you should decide upon is selecting the controls in both Multiplayer Mode (MP Mode) or Battle Royale Mode (BR Mode). You have two options here: Simple Mode and Advanced Mode.

I know that most players would love to have the Advanced Mode enabled, because this gives you more control and seems to be similar to the way you’re used to play on console or even PCs.

However, since this is a mobile game, it’s best – in my opinion – to go with the Simple Mode at first and get used to how the game works.

The reason why I am recommending this is that you will have to many things to consider, tap and navigate through during a battle and you will lose – even milliseconds – tapping and selecting the right things.

These milliseconds can make the difference between a frag and you getting killed, and the simple mode saves you from that trouble.

On the other hand, after you get a bit of experience playing the game, you will see that you need more control over your shooting and the Advanced Mode will be more suited – especially for Battle Royale. For regular multiplayer, you can still make the Simple Mode work and I almost always play Simple Mode in regular multiplayer, still managing to get a top 3 position constantly.

The Advanced Mode is more suitable, in my opinion, for Battle Royale because you won’t be in the frenzy of shooting constantly, as you are in regular multiplayer. With the Simple Mode in BR, you will just do more harm than good, as you will constantly reveal your position on the map without dealing too much damage.

So use Simple Mode for regular multiplayer as you really don’t need more there, but if you move over to Battle Royale, have in mind that you do need the advanced control of the second control method.

Additional settings for creating the best playing experience

Apart from the regular controls, the settings area gives you a plethora of additional options and things that you can enable, disable or customize. And these things can make the difference between a win and a loss, influencing the way the game is played.

For example, we have the Basic settings: I recommend keeping all the top ones enabled, except for the fast throw grenade (you want to aim first, not throw as soon as you tap) and fixed joystick (in order to make it easier for you to control your character).

Next, I recommend enabling the “Always Sprint” mode. It will make things a bit more difficult for your opponents, as you will always run, while you will get faster where you need to be. There’s really no reason not to keep that turned off – unless the aiming penalty afterwards is really making your life too difficult.

Keep the gyroscope off and then move over to the display settings, which are very important as they can have a major influence over how you play the game: if you have an older devices, a not so great internet connection or you simply want to have a way smoother game experience, that’s where you will get it from.

First off, keep the graphic settings to medium at least, but for the best performance, move it to low – and set the frame rate to low as well. These two can have a massive impact on how the game plays and are probably the main things that matter.

But if you want to improve your performance even more, disable the realtime shadow, as well as all the other options there. The game won’t look as good, but it will move better and you will be able to get those kills easily, as there will be no lag, no sluggishness or screen freezing to affect you.

Work on selecting a Loadout that fits your Play Style

You Loadout is extremely important, for the obvious reasons. The most important thing there is the main weapon you select, as that is what you will use 90% of your time in multiplayer.

Each player has a different style of play, and for each a different weapon can be considered the “best”. Even more, you can further customize each weapon by unlocking and equipping various extra pieces that make it better in different areas.

In most cases, I would say that the close range weapons like the BY15 are pretty much useless. Yes, it’s true – they are lethal indeed – but in your regular multiplayer modes, you won’t ever get to get the most out of them.

Opt, instead, for medium to longer range weapons. Don’t go sniper because everybody hates that (more on this below). Instead, choose a weapon that suits your play style the best.

In my case, it’s a weapon like the classic M4: I will always go for better accuracy and decent fire rate over more damage. The idea is to be able to hit your opponent easily, constantly and take them out ASAP. Weapons with reduced accuracy become weaker because they simply can’t hit the target, even if the damage they deal is greater.

It’s difficult to choose a best weapon in Call of Duty Mobile, but top choices include, in my opinion, the Ak 47, The Chicom or the M16.

Basically, all the weapons that you unlock after level 40 are extremely solid – so save your XP cards to level them up instantly once you unlock them and start with a boost!

There are other things that you need to think about when deciding upon your loadout, like the Operator skill, perks and so on, but we’ll talk about each of these individually below.

Until then, one more thing about the Loadout: change that knife with a pistol. There will be few times when you will actually have to switch to using your secondary weapon, but never bring a knife to a gun fight! Really – it’s all cool to shame your enemies by taking them out with a blade, but it will happen way less often than you see it in YouTube videos.

Long range weapons are not very useful in the core multiplayer modes

I was telling you above that you shouldn’t choose Snipers. And the main reason is not that everybody hates snipers – because they usually become campers and everybody hates campers. (Although that could be a reason as well).

The real reason why in the regular multiplayer modes (where you actually get to choose what weapon to use), the snipers are not that useful is that you won’t get enough kills with them.

Snipers are solitary, left behind, they need to wait and deal a killing shot at the right moment. With maps that encourage constant movement and with so many turns and cover opportunities, you will rarely be able to get a ton of kills during the matches.

Sure, a sniper you will probably be killed way less often than other players, but where’s the fun in that if you just sit there waiting for a lost player to get into your crosshair?

Just look at the MVPs after each battle – you will never see a sniper there, simply because it’s difficult to score the points as a sniper in most (if not all) maps available in Call of Duty Mobile.

If you want to see my personal list of the top 5 weapons in CoD Mobile, check out this article where I share the best weapon in the game!

Select the best Operator Skill

When it comes to Operator skills, things are a bit easier since we only have 5 to choose from at the moment (with the Sparrow coming soon – and probably more after).

In my opinion, the best Operator Skills are a Scythe (a really solid minigun that becomes more and more accurate over time) and the War Machine, a grenade launcher that simply wreaks havoc on the battlefield.

One is better than the other – and it all depends on the type of player you are and how good you aim in the first place, but there’s no other Operator skill better than these two: so test them out as soon as you unlock them and decide which is the best, then keep using it and take advantage of it to turn the odds of the battle in your favor.

Your Perks make the difference

When it comes to Perks, things get a bit more complicated as we get three slots with 6 perks each (at least at the moment – more might be added later). It’s difficult to say which is the best as many are dependant on other factors, but since I’m here to make recommendations, I would say that the following perks are better for filling up your slots:

1st slot: I would go for Persistence here. Even though the Scorestreak costs double, it’s sometimes better this way as they are not reset after death. Skulker is good also and might make the “always sprint” option useless.

2nd slot: I would go with Vulture, since extra ammo is always useful (especially if you’re not the kind who dies often in the game), but Hard Wired is a solid one as well.

3rd slot: Dead Silence is perfect here in my opinion since silent movement gives you a massive bonus. Alternately, you can choose Hardline for the extra XP bonus to level up faster.

If you want to read more about Perks, check out our in-depth guide here.

Level up your favorite weapon

Finally, once you have favorite weapon, make sure to level it up in order to make it even better.

Weapons will naturally gain experience as you use them in battle, but you can also use the various weapon XP cards that you gain while playing the game in order to speed up the process. And you should definitely do that when you unlock a solid new weapon that you plan on using!

Leveling up a weapon unlocks new attachments – and these can be equipped as you see fit in order to improve the performance and stats of your favorite weapon.

Each weapon has its own set of attachments (although not all are unique), so even if you have them all unlocked for one weapon, you’ll still have to unlock them for another. Mix and match those attachments in order to build the perfect weapon for your needs.

Depending on the attachments available, I would always recommend to choose those that offer increased accuracy, range and damage. These are the top things to look out for when dealing with weapons in CoD Mobile.

Multiplayer vs. Battle Royale

As you probably know already, there are currently two different main game modes available in the game. But which one should you play? Which is the best and most rewarding? Is it the traditional multiplayer or the Battle Royale mode?

The truth is that nobody but you can answer the question. They are both different and some people prefer one over the other, while others go the other way around.

The main difference between the two game modes is that the Battle Royale can take a lot more time and is much slower paced than the traditional multiplayer, where you get non stop action, with instant respawns and you generally have more fun.

Battle Royale is the big thing nowadays and it’s extremely popular, but I personally believe that games like Call of Duty – and first person shooters are made for traditional multiplayer modes.

Either way, one thing is clear: if you want to make sure that you get the most out of a lengthy Battle Royale match in Call of Duty Mobile, you’d still do better if you played some traditional multiplayer first (Frontline or Team Deathmatch, for example) because they will help you improve your game – and aiming especially, which is something you need to be an ace with in BR modes.

But apart from that, it’s impossible to say that one mode is better than the other. Just play what you enjoy playing the most – that’s the main purpose of video (and mobile) games!

Tips & tricks to do better during the battles themselves

Now, after talking so much about various things to do and consider before even getting into the battle, it’s time to look at some things that you can do during battle in order to increase your chances of being the best at the end.

The various game modes available in the game will benefit more or less from the advice offered below, but it’s a good thing to check these tips out and keep them in mind: apply them at the right time, and you’ll really make a difference!

– This is a game about aiming, so the better aimer will always do better. Try to practice and always go for the headshot, no matter what. That’s where you need to go: constant headshots!

– In order to make it more difficult for other players to destroy you with headshots (or any other type of shot, really), you should always be on the move. Learn to move and shoot at the same time – which is really difficult, but once mastered, turns you into an almost-invincible player!

– Take advantage of your grenades. Early on, when I was just around level 10 or so, with few games under my belt, I went for this strategy: grenades first, bullets later.

It’s not really the best strategy at all times, but I thought that if I get killed before I get the chance to throw my grenade, it’s just a wasted opportunity. Therefore, launch those grenades where you know that enemies usually hang and you will get more kills than you would otherwise. Or at least at first!

– Always get the most out of your weapon: if you’re using a sniper, stand still when aiming and don’t rush things up as you usually have just one shot. If you’re using a shotgun, storm the enemy base or try to come from the back somehow in order to take advantage of that lethal short range shots. Know what your weapon’s strengths are and take advantage of them!

– Try to stay close to at least one other teammate when you have one. This way, you increase your chances of easily taking out opponents, as there will be more bullets heading towards them. Don’t go the lone wolf route as it rarely is successful!

– Take advantage of cover as much as possible. But remember that most maps in the game are made in such a way that you will never have complete cover from all angles! Therefore, know where the weak spots are and keep an eye on them (or have a teammate watch your back). And even so, always be on the move: if the entire team finds out where you’re hiding, you’re an easy target for their united forces!

– Remember that weapons work under water too: so if you even find yourself in a position where you are in the water and so is the enemy, simply swim down and take them out before they do the same (if they know this).

– When fighting zombies and stumbling upon a zombie boss, there’s currently a glitch that doesn’t allow them to get outside a specific perimeter (usually marked down by some fences). You can get a really easy kill right now by simply running outside of that perimeter, then shooting them until they go down, all while you’re immune to them!

– an often overlooked feature (and sometimes useful, especially in Battle Royale modes) is the fact that you can actually go in prone position: simply tap and hold the crouch button to do so!

– Finally, make sure that you learn the layouts of the maps you’re playing on: know which are the best spots to take enemies out from, where are the perfect hiding places and everything about the territory you’re playing in. The clearer the picture of the map you’re playing on, the easier it is for you to decide what the best move is.

Switch to Ranked Matches when you’re ready

In the main menu, there’s a tiny button sitting there in the bottom-center area, and that is the “Ranked Match option”. That’s where you play the real fights, competing against other players for the best possible rank.

You can go all the way from Rookie to Legendary, depending on how well you play. Winning many points is obviously what you need to do, and ranking higher will give you better rewards when the season ends.

There’s no other real difference between Ranked Play and the “casual” mode – so just play those as often as possible in order to gain points and increase your rank. It’s not just for bragging rights, it’s for cool rewards as well, so try to always rank as high as possible in each season.

Join a Clan to play together with your friends

Clans don’t really have a ton of things to offer feature-wise at the moment, but they do give you the option to be in the same group as your friends are and easily pair up with them for multiplayer battles.

I am sure that even more features will be introduced by future updates, so until then make sure that you’re part of an active clan with high level players. You might get some solid rewards out of it!

And this would be it – our CoD tips and tricks article ends here, but we’ll make sure to follow up with even more articles dedicated to this great game. Until then, if you have any additional tips to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below.

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