How to Tame a Goat in the Wild Darkness

How to Tame a Goat in the Wild Darkness

The Wild Darkness is a great survival game in which you have to worry not only about your enemies but also fight hunger, thirst, and exhaustion. Survival will not be easy, but with a little skill and experience, you can do it. This guide will tell you how to Tame a Goat.

How to Tame a Goat

In the Wild Darkness, goats are an important source of food. They will give you milk, which is needed to craft bread, and you can also take them around with you, and they will act as extra inventory space. It’s important to note that each goat has a different amount of inventory space.

So, to capture the Goat, you have to first craft a Lasso. You can unlock the blueprint for the Lasso after you fix the third Ruin of Light. To craft it, you need two pieces of Rope per Lasso.

Goats spawn in almost every single area after you fixed the ruin of life two. However, it is important to remember that only one goat may spawn per area.

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After finding the Goat, you need to drop a few bushes. We suggest dropping two because if you overfeed the goat and it drops milkб the catch rate will become much lower.

So after dropping the bush, use a Lasso and catch the goat.

You can only carry one Goat at a time. If you want to catch more Goats, you need to go back home and put the one that’s currently following you into a Goat Pen. The Goat will teleport with you, so you can bring it anywhere. However, it will never go into dungeons.

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How to Tame a Goat in the Wild Darkness


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