The Wild Darkness Trading Guide

The Wild Darkness Trading Guide

The Wild Darkness is a top-down survival RPG. In this game, the player wakes up in the middle of the forest and does not remember anything. Trading is an important aspect of survival, and this guide will tell you about it.

Trading System Guide

In the early stages of the game, natural resources are vital for building and crafting useful tools. But then you will get too many of these resources. And Trading is the best way to turn that useless material into something more valuable.

The Wild Darkness trading system can be understood if you know basic algebra. Each item the trader offers costs a certain amount of Points. Since there isn’t an actual currency in the game, this is the best way to determine trading costs. Point values can range from 0.25 to even 25. The main goal is to turn useless resources into expensive goods.

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For example, an equipment blueprint costs a total of one Point and the crest of transcendence costs five Points.

You can use the Kiln, which is responsible for turning the normal Logs into burnt ones. This Charcoal in the shop is valued at roughly 0.25 of a Point. So, a stack of Charcoal costs five Points that’s enough to get you a Crest of Transcendence.

The grass itself has no value. This is why you should not trade Grass. Instead, you can turn Grass into something more valuable for trading. With the workbench, you can craft Lassos. They cost 0.5. You can easily turn a no-value item into something worth half a point, and you only have to use four bushes in total to make one single lasso.

And keep up the good work, collect, craft, and sell whatever you find.

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The Wild Darkness Trading Guide


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