All Food Recipes in the Wild Darkness

The Wild Darkness Food Guide | How Not to Starve?

The Wild Darkness is an RPG with survival elements and feeding your character to save him from starving is one of the most important parts of this game. However, you can’t get him fed just with fruits and vegetables. So, learning new cooking recipes is a good idea to improve your chances to survive. In this guide, you will learn about all food recipes in The Wild Darkness.

All Cooking Recipes in the Wild Darkness

In order to cook something in The Wild Darkness, you will need to get certain items, like a cooking oven or a juicer. However, some of these recipes won’t require you to have anything.

Cooked Ingredients

  • Bread – x1 milk, x1 wheat
  • Tofu – x1 water, x1 salt, x2 beans
  • Cheese – x1 salt, x1 milk on Cheese Ripener
  • Soybean Oil – x1 beans on Juicer


  • Salad – x3 vegetables
  • Fruit Salad – x2 fruits, x1 vegetable
  • Mushroom Salad – x2 mushrooms, x1 fruit/vegetable
  • Tofu Salad – x2 tofu, x1 fruit/vegetable


  • Porridge – x1 water (in bag or bottle), x2 vegetables/meat/fruits
  • Meat Stew – x1 water, x3 meat
  • Vegetable Stew – x1 water, x1 meat, x1 salt, x2 vegetables
  • Mushroom Stew – x1 water, x2 mushrooms, x1 salt, x1 meat

Fried Foods

  • Fried Fish – x1 fish, x1 soybean oil
  • Fried Potato – x1 potato, x1 soybean oil
  • Fried Pumpkin – x1 pumpkin, x1 soybean oil
  • Fried Meat – x1 meat (only big), x1 soybean oil


  • Apple Pie – x1 bread, x2 apples
  • Berry Pie – x1 bread, x2 berries/x1 king’s berries
  • Pumpkin Pie – x1 bread, x2 pumpkins
  • Pizza – x1 bread, x1 salt, x2 cheese, x1 vegetable


  • Sandwich – x1 bread, x2 vegetables, fruits, or other fillers
  • Hamburger – x1 bread, x2 meat (small), x1 salt

Chilled Foods

  • Ice Cream – x1 milk, x1 ice, x1 fruit
  • Sashimi – x1 ice, x1 fish
  • Meat Sashimi – x1 ice, x1 meat

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All Food Recipes in the Wild Darkness


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