The Wild Darkness Food Guide | How Not to Starve

The Wild Darkness Food Guide | How Not to Starve?

The Wild Darkness is a mobile RPG survival game in which you will travel through a very dark world, so you’ll need to take care of your character and inventory. Food is one of the most important things in this game, and many players complain that they run out of food and die from starvation at some point. Today we are going to help you avoid this issue. This guide will tell you about food in The Wild Darkness and how to manage it.

Starving Mechanic in the Wild Darkness

In order to understand how food in The Wild Darkness works, you will need to learn about the starving mechanic. When your character doesn’t eat for a while, they will start to starve. This will put the Hunger debuff on you, preventing your character from recovering HP. After you stay hungry for a while, the game will hit you with a second debuff called Malnutrition. This one decreases your ATK and HP, so you should care about this.

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Eating something is mostly required only when you get the second debuff, so don’t panic if your character gets the Hungry status, as this one doesn’t apply any terrible effects. The only times you should eat something to remove the Hungry debuff is when you need to regenerate your HP.

Food in the Wild Darkness

Food in The Wild Darkness is a category of items that allow you to prevent Hungry and Malnutrition debuffs. All of these items decay with time, so you should use them until their expiration. However, here’s a little hint about this mechanic: food doesn’t decay until you pick it up. This applies to everything, from vegetables from your farm to something that dropped out of the furnace when you cooked it. So, you should leave food on the ground to prevent it from decaying, so you will be able to keep more of it.

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The Wild Darkness Food Guide | How Not to Starve


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