Saving and loading Hotbars, aka Toolbars, in Minecraft often come in handy while exploring its endless open world, surviving the dangers it holds and engaging in activities. However, some players don’t know how to save Hotbars/Toolbars in Minecraft?

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To help such players, we have prepared a detailed guide on how to save and load Hotbars in Minecraft. 

How to Save Hotbars/Toolbars in Minecraft

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You can save Hotbars, aka Toolbars in Minecraft, by pressing the C key on your keyboard while simultaneously pressing a number between 1 to 9. Doing so will save the current Hotbar in one of the nine slots. 

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If you didn’t know, Minecraft has around nine Hotbar slots, where you can save a Hotbar to access it later. You can check your saved Hotbars by opening the player inventory and clicking on the Book-like icon that says “Saved Hotbars.” There, you can scroll down and check your saved Hotbars. 

There are instances where players change their default key mapping and are unable to save Hotbars in Minecraft by pressing C + 1 – 9. In that case, open the game Settings and check your key mapping for the function “Save Hotbar Activator.” You can press the key mentioned along with the numeric value between 1 to 9 to save the Hotbar. 

Screengrab Via Mysticat

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Now that you know how to save Hotbars/Toolbars in Minecraft, it’s time to learn how you can load a Hotbar. 

How to Load Hotbars/Toolbars in Minecraft

You can load a Hotbar in Minecraft by pressing the X key on your Keyboard while simultaneously pressing a number between 1 to 9.

The number 1 to 9 represent the saved Hotbar slots. So, suppose you have saved a Hotbar with all your weapons at slot number 4. You can load it by pressing X + 4. 

So, that’s it. Now you know how to save and load Hotbars/Toolbars in Minecraft. 

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How to Save Hotbars/Toolbars in Minecraft


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