Best Windswept Hills Minecraft Seeds (2022)

Windswept hill seeds

World generation is one of the main features that make Minecraft what it is. An almost infinite terrain of nothing but randomness can sometimes create fascinating topographies. Players interested in extreme world generation ought to visit windswept hills. In this article, we have shared some amazing Minecraft seeds for windswept hills. 

Best Minecraft Seeds for Windswept Hill Biome

1. Village and Windswept Hill (Seed: 11805617)

Windswept hill village

In this seed, Java players spawn in a plains village featuring loads of new biomes. This village has generated underneath a windswept hill and has houses intersecting with the hilly biome. Players can find tons of coal, iron, and copper ore on windswept hills. Players can spot a floating island at a small distance from the village.

2. Windswept Hill and Massive Swamp (Seed: 357877978)

This seed spawns players next to a long-range of windswept hills. On one side of these windswept hills, players will discover a vast swamp flourishing with mobs like frogs, sheep, and pigs. On the other side, a beautiful river beside plain biomes can be found. On playing this seed, Java players will also get a village at the spawn point.

3. Triple Village near Windswept Hill (Seed: 511878764)

This is one of the best Minecraft seeds for lovers of windswept hills and villages. In Java Edition, players will spawn beside a tall, windswept hill surrounded by three villages. One of them also has a blacksmith house. Here are the coordinates to each village:

  • First Village – X: 32 Z: -144
  • Second Village – X: 160 Z: 0
  • Third Village – X: -160 Z: 64

4. Extremely Tall Woodland Mansion on Windswept Hill (Seed: 3802693116)

Woodland mansions are lavish homes of illager mobs in Minecraft, and these evil mobs are known to live in the harshest extreme places. In this seed, players can spot an unusually tall woodland mansion generated atop windswept hills at coordinates X: 456 Z: -456.

Windswept hills are extreme mountain biomes with sharp and steep terrain. These hills are similar to now removed shattered savannas and plateaus.

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Best Windswept Hills Minecraft Seeds (2022)


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