Best Minecraft Seeds for Villages

Village seeds (Image via Reddit user DavePlayzz)

While exploring the almost-infinite world of Minecraft, you will come across various structures. Some structures significantly help in the survival gameplay by providing valuable loot, while others are filled with dangerous monsters. Out of all the structures, villages are arguably the best in Minecraft.

Villages are home to villagers, one of the best mobs in Minecraft. You can find furnaces, beds, food, pre-built houses, and other helpful items in villages. Thanks to all these resources, villages are an excellent place for starting a new journey in Minecraft.

Sadly, Minecraft generates worlds randomly by default. Everyone is not lucky enough to find a village at spawn. However, players can enter a specific seed while creating a new world. We have collected some great Minecraft village seeds you can use for your new journey.

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Minecraft seeds with villages

Recently, Mojang Studios released Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II update. Because of this, old seeds may not generate the same terrain as they used to do previously. This article shares seeds for the new Minecraft 1.18 update.

Cave village (Image via Reddit user saftigePizza)

You can use these seeds to create worlds with amazing villages in Minecraft 1.18.

  • Village near jagged peaks (Java seed 2243447718): In this seed, you spawn on beautiful jagged peaks generated on a massive island. This island features a plain village and a woodland mansion. 
  • Village in a valley (Java seed -3000804726712256537): This seed spawns you in a meadow valley surrounded by tall snowy mountains. You can find a village and beautiful dark oak trees in the valley. 
  • Lush cave village house (Java seed 253400378802): You spawn right next to a village in this seed. The unique thing about the village is that one building generates inside a nearby lush cave. 
  • Cave village (Bedrock seed 215437328): In this seed, a savanna village has generated at the bottom of a large cave opening. If you want to live in a cave village, try this seed. 
  • House stuck in a ravine (Bedrock seed -2030227977): Sometimes, world generation can be whacky in Minecraft. This seed has forced a village house to generate inside a ravine at X -993, Y 72, Z 677.
  • Multiple villages (Bedrock seed 1166790185): This seed doesn’t have a great spawn. But if you start traveling towards the east, you will come across many villages. 

If you have any other cool seed, feel free to share it in the comments to help other Minecrafters. 

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Best Minecraft Seeds for Villages


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