Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Island Seeds

minecraft island bedrock edition

Minecraft seeds are a great way of exploring and sharing amazing worlds generated by Minecraft. Each has its own unique terrain and elements, with loot and creatures to discover. Simply go to ‘Worlds’, ‘Create New World’, and scroll down to find ‘Seed’. There you can enter your unique seed number and generate any world you desire. We have previously shared our top ten seeds of the Minecraft Bedrock edition, but it is now time to share what we think are the top 5 island seeds discovered and shred by the community.

Top 5 Minecraft Island Seeds for the Bedrock Edition

1. The Fortress of Solitude (discovered by Redditor mmm_tastey)

The Fortress of Solitude in Minecraft

Seed Code: 1669737730

The Fortress of Solitude is a lush green island surrounded by formidable-looking icy hills. The caves are full of creepers and zombies, while the island has wildlife galore. The icy biome around it has polar bears roaming and squid in the waters. There are also mineshafts and shipwrecks to discover.

3. Quadument Mansion (discovered by redditor Ghostgirly2)

Underwater structures at Quadument Mansion in Minecraft

Seed Code: 73771637

A mysterious watery discovery awaits you with this island seed. You will spawn on a small sandy area with turtles nearby and water all around. There are underwater structures and a plethora of sealife including glow squid, regular black squid, and fish. Travel a little further on and find the mansion in the woodland!

3. Village Island (discoverer unknown)

Seed Code: 542630838

Welcome to Village Island- the village that covers a whole island! This rare island has three different blacksmiths and a whole range of amazing loot to find. There are diamonds, gold ingots, emeralds, and all the iron tools you could desire. Plus the villages are well stocked with food!

4. Treasure Galore (discoverer unknown)

Treasures can be found all over these islands in Minecraft

Seed Code: 1673096729

There are treasure chests hidden all across these islands, including one with a treasure map. Vast seas link the islands and icy biomes so it can be a bit of a swim if you are in survival mode! Discover the ruins and all the treasure chests and it will be worth it though.

5. Gulla Gulla Island (discoverer unknown)

Gulla Gulla Island in Minecraft

Seed Code: 339777425

An amazing island to land on in survival mode. Full of hollow mountains and lava, and a village here and there to visit. You should be able to have a real adventure on this island full of spiders, zombies, and loot.

If you have an island seed code you would like to share please leave it in the comments below!

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Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Island Seeds


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